What does Kara's son have to do with anything?


WADA is probing, IAAF speaks of war and gets called on it. Everyone on the surface is finger pointing at one other.

Plainly the situation has escalated beyond the Nike Oregon Project vs the Gouchers.

But I’m still scratching my head because I’m not sure why she is dragging her son into this interview? What does he have to do with anything?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo0QBCuYZcc&t=334 @5:40ish in video


It’s a parents go to… Did you see the Derrick rose interview where he said he isn’t playing because he wants to walk with his son at his high school graduation? IMO it’s a weak cop out. They think by bringing their kids in, it justifies their opinion/stance.


I get it.

I mentally bookmarked this “moment” on camera and compared her responses with Nick Symmonds’ recent interview which conveys his latest stance in the uniform dispute with USATF. see video

I feel like we are at the culmination of two drawn out battles that are quite similar:

  • Both are promoting changes to the governing bodies in the media
  • Both athletes are on their way out of the professional ranks
  • Nike is a nexus factor in both disputes
  • Both could’ve been avoided

Nick needs a ballpoint pen and Kara needed a mute button.


Didn’t her post delivery weight become a talking point in the AlSal suggesting she take drugs statement she issued?


I guess that’s a valid point. But if she was truly worried about her son – and not herself – she should have maybe let others be the whistle blowers.


On reflection I think KG was justifying why she blew her whistle. I think she was saying she wanted her son to grow up knowing her mother took a stand for something she felt had to be done. Her legacy to her child- Mom was a stand up broad and spoke her mind.