What do you think about while running?


Simple response thread:

  • Do you wear a watch?
  • What time of day do you typically run (or prefer to run)?
  • What do you find yourself thinking about?


I wear a watch and probably look at it too much! I prefer early morning. I think about everything and anything and if you ask me right after a run I can’t remember any of it. That is why I love to run. A timeout from the world!


yes wear a watch. probably look at it too much as well, but it doesnt really make any difference as all of my running except for workouts is done by feel, so it’s more to get a gauge of how i’m actually running compared to how i feel i’m running. as for thoughts, it’s pretty much anything and everything, like @Titan90 said. it’s a great way to release any stress i’ve built up during the day. something very cathartic about being able to run yourself into the ground when needed.


I wear a Garmin GPS watch. I look at it at 1 mile and the halfway turn around point, usually mile 3. I ignore it the rest of the run.

I prefer to run first thing in the morning.

I think about racing.


you people and your gadgets! Sounds like work when the pursuit should be leisure!


This is the way to do it.

  1. you feel better throughout the day with the endorphins released
  2. no anxiety from “I need to run yet today”
  3. each step of the day post run feels good


The leisure comes after the run when I feel great for the rest of the day!


@zen @old_slow_guy i’m usually with you on getting out the door in the morning, but working a job that starts early has forced me to run in the afternoons and i’ve gotta say, i do feel better more often than i do when i try to hammer first thing in the morning. this phenomenon isn’t news to anyone i dont think, but if you’re talking about simply getting some miles in, then yes, AM is the way to go. supremely settling and grounding for me for the rest of the day.


@afv, My experience is that I’m usually dead by the time I get home. Plus I want to see the family and play with the dog. @zen has a point too about thinking about “i still have to run today” mentality that I don’t enjoy. Kind of like “I have a report or expense report due”.

Regarding intensity, I usually start out slow for a mile or two. It really depends on how I feel. Currently I’ve been going out for six miles, three out and back. Sometimes I just want to finish the run, other times I’ve wanted to set a new low mark. Most of the time it’s just a comfortable run. For me, three miles seems like a doable run then I turn around and I only have three left. I guess it’s a mental thing, tricking my mind that I’m not doing too much. I love the bike trail but I think there is a natural tendency to want to finish faster than I went out. Most of the time I can put the breaks on.

Usually, I’m only running every other day. I’ve found that giving my body a rest day has helped to keep me fresh. However, I’ve been battling injuries so the frequency has been less the last couple of weeks.