Were Lambo & Rich Bevensee banned?


All of a sudden this afternoon, Star-Ledger track writers Jim Lambert and Rich Bevensee found themselves unable to access this site.

Neither has received any word from an administrator why.

I assume there’s some sort of technical glitch, since nobody contributes as much to this site and to track and field in New Jersey than Jim and Rich, and it’s unimaginable that anybody running a site such as this would be so cowardly as to prevent probably the top two posters on the entire TrackTalk site from contributing links to their outstanding work.

I very much want to believe this has nothing to do with some anonymous administrator’s decision to merge all the Star-Ledger/NJ Online threads into one thread - an arbitrary policy that hasn’t been enforced on any other state board on this site or with any other person or group of people that posts results (myself included).

Just for example, there are currently eight threads just on the front page of the NJ board created by people from the NJ Runners site: 1. Today’s Results, 2. Burlington County Open -preview, 3. H-S-W Full Results…, 4. Photos from H-S-W, 5. Super Essex Conf. Results, 6. NJ Runners - Week 5 Rankings, 7. Megan Lacy Interview, 8 South Jersey Rankings.

So the single thread theory certainly can’t apply here, since as far as I know nobody from NJ Runners has been banned or prevented from posting links to their work.

Hopefully, this is just some tech issue that will quickly be cleared up. If not, I’d love to hear an explanation.



No, they weren’t banned.


How do you know about this?

Do you have some connection to this board?

Why can’t they sign on?


See where it says “moderator” under my name?


I can’t say I ever looked at your name.

Why can’t they sign on, “Super Moderator”?


He asked with barely concealed contempt.


Well the NJ links go to tracktalk…so they must be trapped in limbo.


Now I understand what got Roob going. The limbo links are kind of annoying,


that should not be. I was just told that there are no restrictions on either Jim or Rich (or Roob) or their links. I’ll look into it.


Hey Wil, when in doubt everything I write gets posted at the link below. Bookmark the link and please spread the word. Also, keep checking the bottom of the nj.com thread as I will add to that just about every day.



How was purgatory? :slight_smile:


It Was Hell !!! LOL

Are u guys running at Thompson tomorrow??


Were both of you guys using office computers? Is there a way it was blocked on your end?


No and No


Yeah we’ll be there


You mean “trapped in Lambo.”


I liked it better when you guys were banned.