Wellenstein at Len Nikolai


Tosa East ran a JV squad but then only Wellenstein in the varsity race. Why?


  1. wow those 3 spash freshman are awesome and valders has a good one too
  2. Zander lichosic is emerging this year as a good runner out of grafton. He has some good track lineage his uncle ran 48s (splits) 49s open in the 400 meters in high school and father was a good track and field athlete as well
  3. My hypothesis to your question @zen is if the “varsity” ran a meet a few days before that Henry wellenstein possibly had a religious conflict and therefore ran this meet instead. I do however think he has a brother on the varsity so this may not be true nor am I sure of his religion as his last name could have several possible ancestries but that would be a logical explanation and one I have seen over the years around this time of year a few times.


A good article about the Wellenstein family that was published 8 years ago:


Based off the article I don’t believe your hypothesis to be the case


Wellenstein keeps losing to quality people on the cusp. He is one of these kids who might get 2nd to 5th at a bunch of in season meets and then place #9-#12 at state. We’ve all seen this type in the past I just dont know what to label it. Jerry Kerska was half darkhorse/half this type where you run against top competition, maybe win a small meet but then beat everyone at state who beat you in season and finish in the single digits. Kyle Nottingham was similar. Wellenstein is currently a 16 to 20 type on paper. How good is the Oshkosh North sophomore actually? Some of the other GMC pre season individuals are sluggish in late September (i.e. Gavin K, Blake Boles). Germantown #2 is looking first team all conference material.


Did I see Neenah with a 16 flat freshman at the midwest? Wow is that for real. That time puts Solinsky’s freshman PR to shame.


I thought I read somewhere that he has a very strong aerobic background in swimming or cycling.