Welcome Home Galt


We have missed you. Bring your voice back on a regular basis.

The range of hate-love you’ve got is a solid amount of fun.

No matter how much I hate your e-personality, I still respec’

But, with everything, there comes compromise. You ban me from a dyechat again and I will hunt you down, wrap you up in all your Affliction tees and then light you on fire. And if somehow you survive that, I’ll put two tins of Cope into your rectum and duct tape it shut so the nicotine will kill you. And yes, that is my compromise to you. I’ll allow you the enjoyment of knowing i stuffed something so awful into your butt-o that you died from it.



would read again


<3 is phris still around?


Are you in The Phoenix - S K Club or Owl???


I was at Harvard this weekend - too bad I didn’t see JG


Nope. The punch process to get into final clubs is actually going on right now. It’s tons of fun.


Welcome back, JG. We’re both at Harvard. Debauchery should ensue.

Also, if you ever want to go for a run, that would be cool too, I guess.


Your sig is misleading, unless it is referring to herpes then it makes sense


I went to Cornell for undergrad.


toastin in bread


this! Also maybe you could buy me a 30 some time lol. and then we’ll proceed to drink them all. In one night.


Funny that you mention that. Yesterday I opened a Magic Hat with a bottlecap that said, “24 hours in a day… 24 beers in a case… coincidence?”


Why don’t you drink real beer like Keystone Premium or something?


fixed :wink:


Too bad you can’t get Iron City up there. That is by far the best beer in the world.



and btw, you dont have any friends who are 21 jgalt?


You call that real beer?

Besides, I had already finished off my 6-pack of Narragansett tall boys. Gotta drink something.


this thread turned quite healthy.


Anything that costs over $20 a case isn’t real beer.


I have no trouble getting alcohol.