Week 6 Results


Figured I’d start this. A number of more big meets this weekend with Stoughton, Case Eagle, and Kimberly, among others. Please feel free to offer thoughts on any of these.

Also, Tannor Wagner ran another solo 15:13 last night at Pulaski:


Fondy results-


There was very little solid footing due to the mud. The varsity boys had five races before them so the course was pretty torn up.``


Chocolate City Results:

Chocolate City is traditionally a faster course but considering the wet ground and that this is a course record (by a lot), you have to hand it to Nate Farrell. He joins the sub-15:20 ranks. There have been a lot of studs who ran this course that struggled to run faster than 15:30 / 15:40. Any time you get under 15:20 that’s an ace.

And also, it’s finally nice to see Rylee Miller (a 4:30/10:00 freshman) run near his ability.

Good Meet.


Farrell ran 15:35 last week @ Midwest and that’s a quick course. This 15:17 is quite unexpected



Eagle invite results

Stoughton invite


Platteville Invite


Monroe is going to take perennial #1 ranked Wisconsin Lutheran at this rate. Who remembers when WL was #1 all season long and didn’t make it out of their sectional?


Strong performance by Hatfield! Not familiar with the Platteville course, anyone know how fast it typically runs?


I think the platteville course has always been quick. Didn’t McCoy and Miehe run in the 15:30s there? That’s the best way to gauge I think.

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Weather factors considered, those Parkside times look like they could be Ridges times.


Most people accept that the Burlington course is short (don’t know how much), but it is the same as it has been the past few years, so maybe the best way to judge is to compare it to the only valid standard - other years’ times on the same course. With that said, Farrell’s performance was a strong one. Equally impressive was DSHA’s Megan Scott’s 17:32 which broke her own course record by over a minute.


I dont know if it’s unexpected. The kid has finished 8th at state twice as the state’s depth has improved from one year to the next. He’s a three sport athlete, knows how to peak and has a 4:16 to his name. Basically all the physical tools you’d need. He ran about 9:46 last spring but I’m not sure he was focused on the event. Probably worth a penciled in 9:28 at least. His ability came out in the 1600. I’m banking on him running well at the end of the year because he’s done this multiple times and figured it out. I get the feeling he ran over the summer but didn’t want to bum rush the first meet and is just now getting into good racing shape again. Plus he’s out of the Big eight where if you want to be competitive you’re going to have to step up.


That presumes that the same course is flagged the same. I remember years at Smiley when it was flagged different almost every year really fast one year and strangely slow the next. Courses with dog legs are particularly susceptible to major changes. move dog leg 30M to short and it’s really 60 off, if you run it twice it is 120M off. It really doesn’t matter everyone runs the same distance but when it comes to times it can give you false interpretations of the quality of the performances. Stoughton today was at least 30 seconds slower than the Midwest of last week.


@OLDandBusted Platteville changed their course this year. From what I saw there were a LOT of PRs. Darlington did run 4 sub 17 I think. Nearly a perfect score in small school.


After comparing the top 20 boys and girls against season bests, Burlington ran nearly a minute fast.


I’m sorry but 17:32! This girl is obviously really talented but I do not believe for one minute that this time is anywhere near accurate for a 5K race and a one minute drop from one year to the next is nearly impossible for someone already running at a high level. When it’s to good to be true is is probably to good to be true. Great run but more likely an 18:20’s type effort. Same for Farrell. He is capable of 15:30 type times but I would bet he wasn’t even going to the well on this 15:18 time. If he does this over at Verona(which is 4930M course) then I will be made a believer. Regardless he is a stud with great credentials and has always been a front runner even as a freshman he never shied from running with the leaders in a big race.


Not making an argument that the course was a 5K. I did a little research, though, and found that Meghan ran the same course last year in 18:45. A few weeks later she ran 18:17 at Rotary Park in Menomonee Falls. So far this year she’s been considerably faster than last year in all her meets. I’ll give her an 18:05 as a likely time for this effort had it been 5K. I’d put Farrell at 15:48.


Here we go again.

Here is the “counter-argument”. First, the course has not changed in the 3 years i have personally watched the race (sorry I missed you there @westharrier). There really isnt any way to make the course longer or shorter, as it is locked in by parking lots, a utility road with a tree line boardering it, a baseball diamond and a track. Unless they moved the fences in or shorten the track, or removed student parking, there is no way to chamge it. For the record, i would reverse the course to make the athletes run up the hill twice, to compensate for the “fast track”. The past 2 years it has been a wind tunnel there, this year fairly calm.

Second, both runners mentioned here have history at this track. In 2014, both set significant PRs at Chocolate City, only to run lower than this time at The Ridges. Again in 2015, both set new Course records at this track, and once again Meghan Ran faster at the Ridges, and Nate wasnt too far off, given the Muddy conditions at The Ridges, kind of surprising. If you look at the progression of both runners the last 3 years, this time and meet are not abnormal.

I heard thru the grapevine that Meghan turned the 1st 800 in 2:25, then outran the next opponent (a 1st team all state runner 2 years ago) by a full minute. Nate turned the 1st mile in 4:45.

And yes from my own eyes, they both went to the well.

So, in conclusion, maybe The Ridges in Rapids is a short course!


Interesting. Then by your analysis they should both run faster at Ridges than 17:32 and 15:18. Good luck to them.


Fun exercise. Athletic.net. Chocolate City Invite. Nearly every time was a PR. Then click on any individual. The average is 40-60 seconds better than any other season performance. Yes, I understand that Athletic.net is not totally complete data.
Now if you are comparing previous Chocolate City times to 2016, I can’t comment. My only observation is that this meet runs up to a full minute faster than most other meets this season.