Week 4 WCCCA Rankings All Divisions


Here are the new Weekly WCCCA rankings hot off the press. WCCCA WEEK 4 CROSS COUNTRY STATE RANKINGS 2018.pdf (212.2 KB)



I don’t think the WCCCA should list 20-schools as the weakness of the rankings show after ten places. If we were to only concentrate on the top ten they aren’t terrible.

D1 Boys

Response: The group has finally given Oconomowoc their due but there is some brute forcing with Germantown going on. Also, as much as I want to see a school like Hamilton run to their potential they appeared without their #1 at Laser Relays. So at this moment their ranking is purely subjective and inaccurate.

Edits: Move Germantown down and Hamilton out of the top ten

Rank School
1 Middleton
2 Stevens Point
3 Madison West
4 Oconomowoc
5 Germantown
5 Green Bay Preble
6 Neenah
7 Arrowhead
9 Hamilton
8 Whitefish Bay
9 Germantown
10 Monona Grove

D1 Girls

Response: I think the brute force tactics to down-rank Muskego are being employed from within the Muskego camp or with closely affiliated ties to the Muskego camp. Muskego plainly does not want to be ranked and wants the underdog approach to state. Nobody should kid themselves though Muskego is better than 5th as is. If they return one of their top two they are definitely top 2 and if they return both their top studs Muskego has the ability curb the hopes of the other two powerhouses Sun Prairie and rebooted Onalaska. Milwaukee King, Divine Savior and Pewaukee are all underrated. Hamilton is swapped with Homestead and I don’t lend much credibility to the Brookfield Central girls in the 11th position but maybe at the end of the year they can place that high.

Edits: Move Muskego up to real position and add swap Hudson with Janesville Craig

Rank School
1 Sun Prairie
T2 Onalaska
T2 Muskego
4 Madison West
5 Waukesha West
5 Muskego
6 Arrowhead
7 Middleton
8 Homestead
9 Hamilton
10 Janesville Craig
10 Hudson


Zen it depends on if you are ranking what you think they can do or what they have actually done. With so many people holding runners or entire squads out of some meets and possible illness or injuries taking others how are raters know if people are playing possum or they just don’t have it at a particular meet. We continue to rate Middleton boys as #1 because we know what they should be doing and probably could be doing but maybe they don’t want the #1 ranking either or maybe they have some problems we know nothing about. The rankers can only go by what they see in meets and that is why Neenah was not rated high until they actually delivered their true capability. I also agree that below the top 10 the strength of the teams gets closer and closer just like the distribution of talent in a typical race. The further you get back from the top dogs the closer the guys get to each other. That means it is hard to be critical when something is not very definitive. Because of some of the loaded sectionals some teams major goal is to get some respect as a team by making the top 20 because it is a sure case that the WIAA has little intention of rewarding hard work and excellence and just wants expediency and money and the typically politically correct make someone think they achieved something exceptional when in fact they are quite ordinary or even poor. We wouldn’t want someone to feel bad about themselves would we. Notice how the 11-20 changes every week where the very top remains solid if possibly small changes could occur. If Middleton runs poorly at Griak I will not place them at the top any longer. They have to prove it sometime.
Muskego girls could be playing possum as they know the ranking don’t win state for you but they could help get the right teams there.


What jumped out at me, because I’m familiar with a runner, was/were the Lake Mills girls ranked at 16. They took 3rd at state last year, and return all but one of their runners. I reached out to a colleague to see what is going on - he said he would talk at the Mukwonago meet tomorrow. Indeed, the rankings always raise questions! As has been noted time and time again, just relying on results will produce anomalies.


They have Osceola way ahead of SCC (boys D2). Let’s look at head to head results…SCC beat them by 28 points. You’re right, not much merit in these.



I’m not sure if it would be enough to overtake SCC but Osceola was missing their top two in this meet (Olson and Slater). I have not scene Slater in the results for the last couple of meets. Injury or sickness?