Webb = Done





Good thing he went back to school.


What happens to Jager if he doesn’t finish top three?


he is a lot younger than webb and still has upside, webb is 100% relying on past accomplishments at this point. Two COMPLETELY different situations. Also i believe jager was taking classes at portland state, not sure if he still is.


Blink of an eye…






The way he conducts himself in this interview is totally at odds with all the stories about post-Uno explosions, etc. I’m not sure what to make of it. He knows as well as anyone that his career is maybe (probably?) over, yet he is calm about it, and despite the race just recently finishing it’s clearly secondary to the imminent birth of his child (as it should be). I think the guy should just bag it, stop killing himself (mentally and physically) to run 3:35/13:15 or whatever, and be a dad - way more rewarding.


QFE. This level of introspection is unique for Webb. Perhaps his daughter will give him perspective on running in the meta sense. I think he has a few good years ahead of him if he can get his head straight and enjoy running again instead of smashing his head against the wall chasing ghosts.


i think webb should just take the rest of this year off, recharge his batteries mentally, focus on being a dad and give it one more crack next year.


So I guess Alan left Alberto because he didn’t like doing the longer stuff. Yet in 2006 he beat Ritz directly at 10k before destroying people (Baala, Reed, Lagat) and running incredibly the next year. Now when he moved to Vig, did he do any longer stuff or gasp base training or did he just do the short workouts with Robby Andrews 8yrs his junior? With the speed going in age you’d think he’d up the miles some. In hindsight it seems like he got an okay season off of talent alone… people peak at different ages, for Alan it looks like that was 24.

I thought he would show up in better shape than he displayed, having run 1:47.04 ten days ago. Granted, that is only tenths better than HS shape, but a sliver of hope remained and it is sad to see him perform like this. I appreciated that interview and hope he’ll come back for at least one more year. That is, if he trains right.


I think Goucher did something like that and had some success, but let’s face it, Webb is never going to be a factor in anything because he’ll never get back to that level.

That was 5 years ago, a long time in track and field. They hardly even mentioned him in the telecast because he’s irrelevant now.


One year older is just going to make it even more difficult to come back into decent form. It’s possible that the birth of his daughter will force him to grow up and get rid of some of his mental issues which would help, but certainly I think he will always be plagued by those to a certain extent and that is his biggest issue.

Fanya: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-dX3yFkLVE (watch :50-:55)


I hear people say stuff like this all the time and I don’t understand it. You can be in school without competing for the NCAA. When Jager went pro, it was common knowledge (mentioned in articles, profiles, announcements, whatever) that he would be finishing his degree at Portland State. It would make sense to me that Jager has been going to school less than full time, but if he got cut after the Trials (which I doubt would happen right away even if he doesn’t make the team) I’m sure he’s got enough cash socked away to finish whatever school he’s got left.

Now, ok, Portland State doesn’t quite have the reputation of Wisconsin, but I’m sure the unemployment rate for recent grads is somewhat less than 100%.


Webb is not really that old–29? Why not try something new and really give the 10,000 a shot? He’s run 27:35 and undoubtedly has a close that can rival most in the world when he is truly fit. He’s got ten years’ worth of career if he gives that a shot. At his age what you lose off of top end you can make up in high-end endurance and race intelligence. I don’t see that his running career should be finished, only that he needs to move away from his middle distance career and become a distance runner. It also appears that he needs a long term commitment to doing it rather than a few months here and there.


You think I’m going to watch a youtube video with an advertisement in it? get real bro


How can anyone have watched Webb the last 4 years and think that event choice is the issue?


Clearly he thinks of himself still as a miler–he has a miler coach and trains with a miler. The way you think of yourself necessarily limits you in many ways, including how you approach the entire sport. I’m saying that with a solid decade’s worth of usable time in front of him and talent still in his legs, if he stops the hamster wheel he’s on by still considering himself a professional miler, he has the chance to break out of the slump he’s in, which does not seem to me to be a physical issue. Disappear for a year, run a crapload of miles while tending to the baby, then seriously attempt a “new” event. I can’t see why his career ought to be over with.




Out of curiosity, and I’m genuinely curious and don’t know the answer - who are the high level runners who spent most of their career in middle distance and then successfully made a jump to the 10k?

I recall the first time I saw him - it was anchoring the HS DMR at Penn - a helluva a job.

Whatever goes down, I hope he takes some time off and enjoys being a new dad. He can figure out what he wants to do later.


NSHSDad- the move from middle distance running to the 10k is rare because the 10k rarely pays better than the mile (at best, they pay out equally, more likely, the mile pays due to its fancy status). As for runners who would have done it before being paid was an issue, it was rare because careers weren’t all that long. Some middle distance guys have ended up as marathoners after good miling careers (Rod Dixon and Paul Cummings come to mind). Said Aouita did run close to the 10k WR in a one-off race, but he never really “moved up” per se. I know Dixon’s 10k is “weak” when you consider a 2:09 marathon and a 3:33 1500, but that’s more because he didn’t run a lot of 5k/10k track races, instead favoring the lucrative road circuit.


How about Teg?