Weather in the North


Many meets in the Northwestern part of the state are canceled AGAIN due to snow. This is May ladies and gentlemen.

While I haven’t heard much from Bryce Miller, he should be on people’s radars. I hope the UMKC bound senior has enough adequate training and races in to do what he needs to do at the end of the year.

In other Northern news, Ladysmith opted to host their home meet Monday in retaliation to both the weather and Friday’s canceling. Both the guys and girls ran together in the 3200m and the overall victor was Ladysmith’s Andrea Ostenso in 11:02. Even though the boys were in the race it was pretty much a ‘solo’ effort as she nearly lapped the field. Ostenso has run six races this week: two 4x8 legs, a 5:26, 5:45, 11:02 and 11:45. Safe to say she’s racing herself into shape and she’ll probably drop time with competition and better weather.

Event 21  Girls 3200 Meter Run
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals  Points
  1 Ostenson, Andrea          11 Ladysmith           11:22.00   11:02.93    8   
  2 Luckman, Jessica          11 Ladysmith           14:20.00   14:58.28    6   
  3 Fischer, Kourtney            Winter                         17:07.87    4   
 -- Stearns, Jordyn              Bruce               13:10.00         NT  
 -- Manglos, Jennifer         JR Flambeau            13:26.70         NT  
Event 22  Boys 3200 Meter Run
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals  Points
  1 Hilger, Brandon            9 New Auburn                     12:38.72    8   
  2 Parker, Justin            SO Flambeau                       12:45.30    6   
  3 Searfoss, Devon              Winter                         13:19.52    4   
  4 Wang, Yao Ping            11 New Auburn                     13:34.76    2   
  5 Clay, Oran                SO Flambeau                       14:36.59    1   
 -- Loomis, Jared                Bruce                                NT  


Actually many schools had ANOTHER snow day today, or are being let out early because of more heavy wet snow. Well over 6" is on the ground up here already with more coming down. Tomorrow’s high is only 35 so this will be with us for a few days.


This is from this morning on the American Birkebeiner Trail.
Check out the deer about a 1:25 in…fun running in the snow!!