Weather forecast for State meet


Since everyone is in a prediction mode this week - let’s ask the weatherman. Combining Weather Underground, Accu-Weather, and The Weather Channel - here we go…

Afternoon highs 48-49 degrees - Overnight below freezing, morning wakeup freezing (32-33). Conclusion - easily coldest weather of the year so far for weekend races.

Winds from 8-12 mph, with at least one site adding gusts to 20 mph. Conclusion - Breezy, but not nasty.

No rain all week in the forecast - Conclusion - Dry, fast track, maybe on the hard side.

Opinions on how this colder weather might affect racing, particularly early in the day.?.?.


I don’t know what races you guys have seen lately, but from what I have seen, a lot of teams seem to be able to handle the wind and cold well. Truthfully though, it really doesn’t matter what the conditions are unless theres a storms because everyone runs in the same conditions. Yes some people run better in hot or cold, rainy or sunny, but from what I have seen, every single team, or at least most of them can handle any condition and still run phenomenally.


I remember in '08 there were flurries and it was kinda windy and there were still some pretty fast times thrown down, especially by Lindsey Flanigan who ran one of the top times ever if I’m not mistaken.