WCCCA Rankings Week 1 Predictions


This should be interesting!

Wisconsin Lutheran #1, Deerfield/Cambridge #2 Oconomowoc unranked in D1, Tomah D1 #5, Pewaukee #3 in d1 girls and #7 in d2 boys. North Crawford Boys #13 in D2



:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I hope not…


Nothing should be posted yet! Although I know that some coaches rank based on past performances. I would love to see a thread where people contribute so rankings can be close to accurate.


Here are the first rankings attached. Not to bad in D1 certainly non of zen’s scenarios. Here they are- WCCCA WEEK 1 CROSS COUNTRY STATE RANKINGS 2018.xlsx (11.1 KB)

Let the arguments begin.


I think Logan and Osceola are better teams than the rankings show. I would have them above Wisco right now. But I am not a D2 ranker. The team approach WCCCA is using this year will be much better than the old shotgun approach where anyone sends in rankings randomly through the season. I think these starting rankings are pretty darn good and will get better as the season progresses.


I agree with you. My only question was what the course at EC was like, because ECM, Osceola, and Logan all tore it up. Osceola has 5 under 18 and almost a 6th. Logan has a stronger #1 and 4 under 18. They could certainly use a better #5. I was not even aware that Logan was in D2 until today. They could be a player, and if they stay in D2, I believe the program could return to prominence.


Truthfully, I am happy a better argument is being made if you say so. I havent even looked at the rankings yet.


The rankings start off very interesting but with the right schools. However they go in a direction I don’t yet see at 8 onward but with respectable programs. No Tomah.


For D2 not bad. I’m guessing that most missed that Logan is D2. As @AnakinFavre mentioned they ran fast last week. Logan’s girls tied WFB at the Marshfield Columbus meet this past weekend. They should be ranked higher. Some shakeup with Shorewood, Grafton, Wisconsin Lutheran and Port Washington girls. Grafton beats Shorewood head to head at MRI and Port not to far back. At the Highlander WL beats Grafton but I noticed that they are missing 2 runners. Looks like Shorewood was missing a runner and may be closer to WL if he is healthy. Overall not too bad with D2


Yes that Logan top boy runner has to be viewed a top 5 favorite for class b as well after beating zac Sather who is a top 15 candidate in class a. (I agree with @AnakinFavre the course looked fast) I don’t remember him from last year but that was a solid opening statement place even Moreso than time. Haven’t yet seen someone who can run with Henry Chapman yet but if chapman improves from last years track season he may be talented enough to have aspirations at the Nike level although I don’t believe he is quite up with the top 6 in the state (bosley, meinke, Easton, ellenburg, Schnoor and Vannucchi (not in any order)) but definitely not far behind and has the potential to join that group by the end of the fall and maybe crack into the top 5. I thought he lacked leg speed but his sub 4:20 wisconsin mile changed my mind.


Is there a link to a meet where Tomah ran. Will check it out.


Marshfield Columbus meet link? Is in oaths site?




In 2008 Tomah was receiving votes in D1 and Tomahawk none in D2. Tomahawk won state that year. It was a reference to a computer error that produced inaccurate output despite having accurate input.


The Husky invite in EC was run at the City Wells course, and traditionally runs fast. Even though it was wet that day, it’s still a hard pack surface and totally flat. That said, Osceola’s top 5 with a 17 sec. spread was still impressive.


Good gosh Wayzata is unbelievable! Don’t think Middleton can even handle that now. No top D1 teams from Wisconsin there. Hudson looks tough with the top 2 then the bottom drops out.