Waukesha North Sectional for distance


I know this sectional was talked about quite a bit and how stacked it was, but having watched the races live I just want to give some credit to all of the runners in those races. I am a huge track fan and have seen 1000’s of races over the years and all three of those races were beyond exciting. To end up having the top five times in the state in the 1600, top three times in the state in the 800 and top SIX times in the state in the 3200 is extremely impressive. The 1600 especially, with all the guys being fresh, was like a state meet with the times that were run and the competitiveness that was shown. Nobody was backing down from Carl Hirsch, but Carl was determined not to give anyone else the win, even knowing he had two more tough races to come. Johnson looked like a defending state champion in the 800, but Hirsch showed he wants to win all three at state and Dusing let us know he will be in the mix also. In the 3200, Hirsch showed what a beast he is, but Campbell, Floyd-Mews and Woodford all coming off of a tough 1600, made sure the race would be fast and that they would all be going to state. Salmon and Paikowski were the two fresh ones and put themselves right in the mix and showed that they more than belong at state.

WELL DONE Waukesha North Sectional. As a fan, I truly appreciated those races.


It wasn’t that long ago that the results from this Sectional alone would be better than the the overall State Meet! I really think that distance running in Wisconsin is extremely impressive, possibly as good as ever depth wise.


Compared to history I wonder how many times (1) 4:14.13 would have won the Division 1 state meet and (2) how many times 4:17.06 would have been faster than the 5th place finisher.

It doesn’t work as well with the 3200 from a qualitative standpoint because although fast the winning time was 9:21.32 and many state meets are won in under that mark. However, the depth of the sectional offers something. How many times has 9:30.94 been worthy of a place on the podium?


I am guessing there were many state meets that had slower times in the 1600, places one through five, compared to this sectional. While the 3200 times were fast, especially considering they produced the six fastest times out of all the sectionals, they were not as competitive as the 1600. However, four of those six were coming off a tough double and one of those four was coming off a triple, so to run as fast as they did is impressive. At state they will all be fresh for the 3200 and for those coming back in the 1600, they will have a full day rest. State will be a lot of fun and it will be interesting to see if all five of the 1600 runners and all six of the 3200 runners can place. I think the 800 is a given and they could battle for one, two, three.


I can only think of one instance other than last year where the state meet 5th place finisher would have been faster than 4:17.03. Immediately you’d want to think the class of 1981 had the firepower which they did but from what I understand Hacker and the slightly injured Jenkins – who had run 4:06 at Monona Grove two weeks prior – let it come down to a kick.

The Class of 1982 must have had an amazing finish in the 1600. State meet went in this order:

Friday, June 5th
800 Prelims:

3200 Finals:

Saturday, June 6th
(1600 of course happened BEFORE the 800)

There are so many historical connections to these results as to who went on to do what and where they stand all-time. Just a few words below:

  • I think Paul Hernandez was a junior and this was his only state meet win
  • Curt Anschuetz was a junior. He had an illustrious prep career for Brookfield East.
  • Charlton Hamer in the 400 was also a junior who went on to run 47.75/1:53.25 as a senior. He went on to star at the University of Illinois and I believe is the second fastest person ever with HS ties to Wisconsin in the 800 (1:45.79)
  • Rob Aubey in the 3200 was the surprise Kinney National Qualifier in 1981 and his 9:17 redeemed his status as an elite from a state level perspective


I would say Keith Hanson had the best collegiate career of that group running for Marquette with 3 All-American honors in cross country, highlighted by his 3rd place finish at Dretzka park behind Tim Hacker and Yobes Ondeiki and then a national championship in the 10k on the track in 1986.


The answers are 95 and 112.

There are 20 Class A/Division 1 state meets that have been won in a time faster than 4:14.13:

    1969   4:11.10  Dan Cautley, Madison Memorial       

1970 4:11.20 Dan Cautley, Madison Memorial
1976 4:13.00 Jim Stintzi, Menomonee Falls North
1978 4:14.80 Jeff Hacker, Menomonee Falls North ***
1981 4:12.33 Tim Hacker, Menomonee Falls North
1983 4:13.95 Curt Anschuetz, Brookfield East
1984 4:11.81 Mike Deignan, Monroe
1992 4:12.37 Andy Bosley, Homestead
1996 4:12.07 Gabe Jennings, Madison East
1997 4:04.94 Gabe Jennings, Madison East
2002 4:09.60 Chris Solinsky, Stevens Point
2003 4:05.25 Chris Solinsky, Stevens Point
2004 4:11.22 Bryan Culver, Waukesha South
2005 4:11.61 Chris Rombough, New London
2006 4:13.24 David Pede, Wisconsin Lutheran
2007 4:11.87 Andrew Perkins, Watertown
2009 4:11.79 Evan Ross, Port Washington
2010 4:10.62 Taylor Wardall, Appleton East
2011 4:12.98 Russ Sandvold, Hartland Arrowhead
2012 4:08.21 Carl Hirsch, Brookfield Central

*** This mile time would convert to faster than 4:14.13

That leaves 95 as the number of state meets where 4:14.13 would have won.

There are 14 Class A/Division 1 state meets won in times between 4:14.13 and 4:17.06:

    1968   4:18.40  Tom Bach, Nicolet       ***

1971 4:16.30 Jim Fleming, West Allis Hale
1974 4:16.80 Terry Sauer, Nicolet
1975 4:17.60 Al Avila, Milwaukee South ***
1979 4:17.73 Dave Uhrich, Manitowoc ***
1980 4:14.19 Dave Uhrich, Manitowoc
1982 4:15.09 Paul Hernandez, Racine Case
1988 4:14.85 Pat Balistreri, Nicolet
1991 4:16.77 Phil Downs, Madison Memorial
1995 4:15.54 Gabe Jennings, Madison East
1998 4:16.10 Casey Hopp, Stevens Point
2000 4:14.52 Brent Reiter, Shawano
2001 4:14.40 Ben Gregory, Racine Park
2008 4:16.71 Jack Hackett, Port Washington

*** Converts to faster than 4:17.06 (I think, in the case of Bach)

Combining the lists, there have been 34 state meets won in 4:17.06 or better, which leaves 81 state meets where 4:17.06 would have won, much less been better than the 5th place time. And of those 34 years, only three had 5th place times better than 4:17.06: 2012, 2011 and 1982. There were several other years that were close, with the 5th place time at 4:17.XX, but only those three years were faster.

If there are any typos or flat-out mistakes in either of those lists, let me know.


I truly enjoy the dynamic and historical expertise of this Wisconsin forum. If you have a question about something related to history someone who posts regularly here probably knows and if they don’t know, they have the resources to find out. In odd cases, the people of question show up and answer themselves!

Not many other states have that. Wisconsin is exemplary from the standpoint that understanding our complete history is attainable due to the fact we aren’t overly populated (US #18) and we have access to the archives of two/three main newspapers that have been in circulation for over 100 years.

Great stuff.


The North sectional was incredible. I’m sure I’ll remember that meet forever.

My photos from the meet are here:

I also have photos from the Kettle Morraine Regional leading to the North Sectional:

You can download full resolution photos from picasaweb for no cost. Feel free
to use these photos in any way that reflects positively on the sport of
Track and Field.



Amazing captures!


Awesome pictures Mr. Woodford. Thanks for sharing. The 1600 meter pictures definitely capture the intensity of the runners and how great of a race that was.


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