Washington bans Four Lokos


my school (Central Washington University) has one incident that blames Four Lokos and the State bans them. Damn Freshmen.


Good. Hope more places do that, too. I’m sick of always seeing “gettin loko tonight!” or “we’re all loko up in here!” on facebook every thursday thru saturday.


I find it hilarious. one more week of 4Loko in Washington State. these freshmen were so drunk they thought there were roofies involved lol


according to wiki, central washington isnt even the college associated with the PG having the biggest problem with this. Ramapo (alma mater of dyestat’s favorite twins) had 17 students and 6 visitors hospitalized.


In NJ they’re making a big deal about trying to get it banned on all college campuses.


i don’t know how many of those you’d have to drink to get hospitalized, more than 2, which from the taste would be awful.


never had one but i cant imagine it being good. Also keep in mind they could be 100 lb girls (or at least have the tolerance of one).


i guess i don’t see them as that more dangerous than plenty of things i’ve seen people do.

it’s not like they taste that much better than most things per the amount of alcohol they contain. if they had some magic 20 oz drink that tasted like sprite, but contained 10 shots of everclear, please, ban it. four loko isn’t doesnt taste like you are drinking 24 oz of beer, it tastes like you mixed 6 shots of vodka into a fruit punch and dissolved some pills in it.

edit- people have to be held responsible for what they drink (myself included of course)


why are these things so dangerous? arent they just like redbull and jager or any other alcoholic drink? all this banning just makes me want to go get some even more


there’s 660 calories per can and 60g of sugar :eek:


The calories isn’t that much compared to the equivalent you would drink beers but the sugar is a lot.

I think the taste is pretty good and unless you have 4 or more you should be fine, unless you are literally a girl or weight <100 pounds. And by fine I mean not going to the hospital bad


Seriously. Washington’s just trying to steal our thunder. This is the most publicity our school’s ever had.

My brother and sister decided to try it the other day to see what all the hype was about. I just had a couple sips since I had work at 7:30 in the morning, and didn’t think it was wise. The stuff is gross… both of them had to make a concerted effort to finish it because it was so disgusting (although my brother ended up drinking half of another one). My brother had drank 4+ beers and some sake before drinking his, and ended up passing out at 11 and had a horrible hangover the next day. Granted, he’s a notorious lightweight, but there’s nothing light about his actual weight - so I can see how this could seriously affect a small freshman who’d been drinking a lot already. It also didn’t wake either of them up… they both fell asleep right away.


I can now see why this drink is getting banned.


epic 9th post


that is the funniest part. We had ONE incident who obviously were being stupid regardless of the alcohol being consumed. One week before my friend with a stash gets rich.


Drank 3 cans my first night in Vegas with a few beers on the side after a solid day of drinking.

Sobered up a couple hours after my last drink, but I was way too hyped-up to sleep. Went downstairs and raped the blackjack tables.