Warwick Fast Times Relays


Registration now open for the 19th Annual Fast Times Relays at Warwick on Tues May 28th under the lights. Come join the fun~!

(Insert “short track” comment from EvaN) :slight_smile:



Remember, the short track just about guarantees PRs in the distance events. :cool:


Indeed, I would never leave the “short track” advertising out, ever!!

You will surely PR!! Should be a line as well!:smiley:


If the track is short then won’t they just start farther back to compensate?


No, because then that would slow times down…It’s not called Fast Times for nothing! :slight_smile:


Have you not run at Warwick? The track isn’t actually short, but everyone always runs so well there that it’s become common to call it a “short track”. I think the track may actually be narrower with longer straights that lend themselves to faster times, but I’m not positive.


Yeah I’ve never run there


Such a question… :rolleyes:


If the runner is short does that negate the short track effect???


You’re more used to square tracks. Heh…


I swear training on that track has made running on a decent track feel unbelievably easy.


That track was still cinder when I went there.
Glad I was a thrower. :wink:


Performance list now available:


Pretty stacked field in the 4x780. Should be a good one. :cool:


Add St.Anthonys’ 4x800 to the mix as well. Hopefully the weather cooperates.


Is the track really that short?


no it is not


chaminade will not race tomorrow, and i’d be very surprised to see kellenberg. st anthonys is a definite


Gather around the computer screen, boys and girls, for the Legend of the Short Track of Sanfordville Road…

Way back in the DyeStat days, the first (I think) Warwick Fast Times Relays was held, with some eye-popping performances posted - particularly in the 4x8. In the results / comments thread, one of the posters suggested that the track was probably short. The Warwick faithful responded with an over-the-top defense of their home oval, complete with gmap plots, satellite photos, etc… which of course only inspired the knuckleheads (myself included) to further insist that the track must be short. Much hilarity ensued, and it became an annual tradition to comment on the “shortness” of the Warwick track.

Cliff notes: No, the track isn’t really short. Unless, of course, it is. :wink:


It’s as short as each individual athlete makes it…just like any track. :smiley: