Wariner attempt at 800


At last, a 43-second quarter miler will move up in distance a few times this year and take on the 800. How exciting!!! :eek:

Is he nervous?

There’s some nerves in it because I want to run fast and do well. At the same time I’m out there for fun and trying to work on certain things for my 400.

How fast can he go?

I have no idea. It could be great if I could open up under 1:50 and run around 1:47 or 1:48 as my first one ever. Anything faster than that I’d be happy with. Anything slower than that, I know I’d need more strength work.

Source: http://www.sportingnews.com/sport/story/2015-01-14/jeremy-wariner-2015-season-800-meters-olympic-gold-medal-track-and-field

How fast do you think he’ll go his first time out? What can he potentially run with experience under his belt?


first sub 1:40


How long has he been away from the sport?


Considering how season opening races in March tend to go for even seasoned 800 runners, I would easily bet the over on 1:50.


“I’ll take ‘Things I Would be Excited About had they Happened Six Years Ago’ for $800, Alex.”


0 years.



mcgato on the T&FN board posted a nice list of sub 46 and 1:46 combo runners.


I think a good current runner to juxtapose against Wariner’s possible time would be Troy Pollard from Florida A&M/Highland Park, MN.
Troy Pollard’s current pb’s in the 400/800m are 46.36/1:52.16. Is that a conceivable 800m time for Jeremy Wariner? Absolutely within reach for him to run within that 1:50.5-1:52.25 range.


Issue is:

he is not anywhere NEAR a 43 second 400 guy anymore

46.x last year

I would have liked to see Wariner run some 600’s or an 800 when he was starting to fade, not when he has already faded


No chance to do anything at 800m at this point in his career. He was never going to be truly special at 800m (the way he was at 400m) anyway. Retirement is around the corner, but I imagine he is a 1:50i guy.


Since Wariner is treating this opening with an 800 like he did with his heretofore opening 200s. I ask: How exactly did he treat those opening 200s?


Not sure what to make of his 1:53.02. He won the meet…


I think it shows he’s a winner and can run as fast as needed.


I was implying he could definitely run faster. But HOW much faster is the new question?


Probably capable of 1:50. That won’t get him anywhere even against good US competition. Hoping he can do better than that but going from 1:53 to 1:46 is not easy.