Walking Dead Season 3


Only a few more days. Here’s to hoping we can return to some of the season one glory in the new setting. Last season would have been completely unbearable had it not been for the show’s spectacular zombies which at least made the plot tolerable.


Better be some epic zombie katana kills tonight. Very excited.


Has anyone seen Carl?


That was a pretty good episode last night. I can only imagine things will go downhill from here though, they can’t afford massive zombie killing sprees like that all season long…


Probably my favorite TWD episode


Walking Dead is soooooooo Overrated


I like this Governor character.


He seems like a pretty cool guy who doesn’t afraid of anything.


not sure if serious


I’m excited to see how this Governor plot plays out.


Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.


Oh my God.


Rick better learn to trust Michonne and Meryl now, both of them are crucial in taking down these mofo zombies.

Also, I’m wondering what is going to happen when Andrea takes a trip down to the prison. I wanna think that her allegiance is still with the original group, but I don’t think she realizes that the governor is a crazy bastard. Based on the sneak preview of next episode, she may still be on the governors side.


Poor bobby, one day you’ll learn