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:rolleyes: WTF is the controversy in Wakefield

Updated: Wednesday, 13 Oct 2010, 9:43 AM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 12 Oct 2010, 10:14 PM EDT


WAKEFIELD (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) - Three little letters are causing a stir in one town. The Wakefield Track and Field team’s sweatshirts are the talk of the town.
Why? They have decided to put the initials of their organization on the back. Those initials, WTF, are also a popular vulgar internet colloquialism.
Boosters gave the sweatshirts out to team members last year after the season. The familiar winged-shoe logo was supposed to be on the back, but it’s believed that a student had the design changed.
Gregory Hampton-Boyd has one. He tells FOX25’s Sharman Sacchetti that he doesn’t believe it’s offensive. “It’s kinda funny. It throws people off because they look at it. WTF. It’s inappropriate but at the same time it stands for something else.”
The school’s superintendent, Joan Landers, says she had to ask what the phrase meant, and it’s not the way she wanted the student population represented


They are not the first to do this unfortunately. College teams have done this as well. Of course, the difference being that no parents on the Boosters allowed it to happen. The college students acted on their own outside of their athletic team.


ahh faux news…


this is really funny… i hope you can all at least enjoy the humor in it


I think it reflects poorly on the school.


I’ve seen it on shirts for both colleges and other high schools.