Wait wait wait


Crystazul is a mod?




for some time now


I believe he was given those powers so he could run Survivor.


How am I not a mod?


I am surprised everyone didn’t already know this…

I believe he was given those powers so he could run Survivor.
Not completely true. I did give the account “Crystazul” mod powers of the survivor board. Then I merged the “Crystazul” account into the “SteveYou” account which I have always had because it became to tedious to log out/log in between those two during the spam bot crisis.


Well, this explains a lot.


You’re SteveYou? Interesting. Very interesting.


I thought You were steveI and I was steveYou


Who am I?


A Wild Fanya appeared.


Gotta use at least a great ball though. 11-7 shift is nice, I get time to myself.



You disappeared from Facebook! Is that actually you?


u hella yoked now like phris?


Nah, I went from 120 sr. yr HS to 165 in college now Im ~150. Ben was like 190? two years ago I bet he’s huger now.


Oh hi phris, I am off facebook yes it’s me though (this account is linked to my email) (I need to boost my postcount amirite?)


I’ve been out of the gym with a shoulder injury for a month or so. And now it’s basically finals season. Gonna try to get a few runs in a week just to stay sane.

What are you up to these days?


Trying to decide if I want to run my city’s marathon in May. I’ve averaged like 5mpw since April, I figure if I commit to it I could train to a sub-3 maybe.

FINALS??? Are you in grad school? I work the graveyard shift running the night audit for a hotel, it sucks. Besides not doing anything and getting paid I mean.


are you still in Vermont?