WAC DMR - one lap short


I wonder what happened here?

 South Plains Area Track Officials, Inc. - Contractor License     2/27/2015 - 7:24 PM
                Western Athletic Conference - 2/26/2015 to 2/28/2015                 
                                Indoor Championships                                 
                              US Air Force Academy, CO                               
Event 18  Men Distance Medley
 Race was one lap short.                                                             
    WAC Meet: ! 9:42.30  1981        UTEP, UTEP                                      
    School                                               Finals  Points              
  1 UTAH VALLEY                                         9:53.74   10    one lap short
     1) Lambert, Tyson FR               2) Morgan, Jake FR                           
     3) Hatch, Gary JR                  4) Christensen, Joseph FR                    
  2 UMKC                                               10:05.35    8    one lap short
     1) Wardall, Taylor SR              2) Shaw, Jason JR                            
     3) Quick, Cyle FR                  4) Sheldon, Kolton JR                        
  3 CHICAGO STATE                                      10:11.77    6    one lap short
     1) Smith, DiJon SO                 2) Tookes, Khalil SO                         
     3) Blackhawk, Charles SO           4) Lewis, DeShaunte SR                       
  4 TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN                                 10:20.86    5    one lap short
     1) Montero, Rick FR                2) MacDonald, Bryan SR                       
     3) Perez, Martin FR                4) Wells, Jose JR                            
  5 SEATTLE U.                                         10:27.55    4    one lap short
     1) Arguinchona, Baxter SR          2) Aguilar-Nelson, Janzen FR                 
     3) Weaver, Chay FR                 4) Rodrigues, Louis SO                       
  6 GRAND CANYON                                       11:08.78    3    one lap short
     1) Meza, Kalen FR                  2) Howard, Milan FR                          
     3) Kocmoud, Brandon JR             4) Beverly, Jordan SR                        
                          Men - Team Rankings - 6 Events Scored                      
    1) Utah Valley                 99        2) Grand Canyon               49.50     
    3) UMKC                        30        4) Seattle U.                 22        
    5) Texas-Pan American          21.50     6) Chicago State               9   


Huh. It’s not like those times are exceptionally fast for a full length DMR


I know I was more or less just trying to guess what possibly was run short. Obviously not the Mile. Must have been a lap short on the opening leg or a short 800 (600). Hard to believe they’d screw up a 400 and if the mile was short they’d just run another lap.


It might have been the mile if they didn’t realize until after enough people stopped running, although I’m not entirely sure how that would have played out.


In the conference I used to call my stomping ground, the officials stopped the (correctly timed) handoff between the 800 and 1600, then some teams doubled back to make the handoff having already gone outside of the exchange zone. They ended up just DQing the entire field (it didn’t effect the final standings much).

Also, why the hell is Chicago State in the WAC? They lose too many teams to the Mountain West?


Just thought I’d shed some light on the situation seeing as I actually ran a 400 leg in this race. Someone said “are we up yet?” one lap too early and the official looked visibly confused and said no at first then let us on the track, so the 1200 was 268m too short. Also, it was at colorado springs, so the altitude affected the times. Still not that fast all things considered though.