Voorhees Loses Another Coach


Really too bad; an excellent coach and a good guy.


Yes, it is too bad Joe. Coach Carroll was/is highly respected by the parents and his team. He did a great job as head coach and will be missed.


So, what’s the scoop. Why fire/resign?
Was he a teacher in the district? Was it a “union” preference thing?
Was it that he had camps and generated extra income from his camps?
Lots of jealous people ya know.
I still don’t understand why Cassavell left.
She was not a teacher and she had her own youth camps, etc.


He said he was fired but is that really the case? Or just not rehired by the BOE? Each coach has to be re-approved (re-hired) each year for every sport/season. Might have been turnover on the BOE and the new hiree had a personal relationship with new members. Things like this happen a lot. This is all a presumption on my part but could be one possibility.



technically he was not fired but received a letter stating he would not be rehired for winter or spring and made the difficult decision to resign. As far as I know they had no one waiting in the wings to fill his position. The person who replaced him was someone he recommended. Bob Carroll was the in school suspension teacher and was a long term substitute prior to that and from what I have heard was a very good one. Their was no reason given for his dismissal. He was very dedicated to his team and his sport and will be greatly missed. It is very sad what has taken place at Voorhees in recent years.


Yes, exact story I got tonight from someone who knows. What I don’t get is the way that a teacher/coach can be “fired” (not rehired) with no explanation. Simply wrong.

Very sad story for the Voorhees kids losing Justina and Bob in such a short span of time.


Being a good and highly qualified coach has nothing to do with whether you will be hired/rehired to coach any sport. I find it odd coaches have to be “rehired” annually versus given a 3yr gig or something.
It is disappointing at most NJ schools in how coaches get selected. It has nothing to do with qualifications or Wins/Losses in many cases. Which is why I’ve said, many sports at many schools are run like intramurals. Everyone plays and everyone gets a medal/trophy for participating. XC/track is one of the few sports that has the least subjectivity as to who runs the “big” races.

The school union has a lot of say as to who coaches… or should I say, more say than one would think.
The BOE, if new members coming in, may have an ax to grind with some coaches. In Voorhees case, how many new ones came on in January? Note the timing with indoor track.
These days, coaches get fired if they raise their voice to a kid because the parent complains, etc.


The parents at Voorhees respected and supported Coach Carroll. There weren’t any complaints.

Not sure why he was let go. That said, as of today, the kids, parents and coach are all looking forward to the upcoming season.


I can’t imagine a more unappreciative and moronic community. I wish Voorhees had an idea how thankless and difficult coaching can be. Voorhees had two of the most capable coaches in the state and have driven both out. What a ridiculous last chapter to a fantastic book. Absolutely pathetic.


The treatment of coaches at Voorhees is abhorrent and despicable. The parents and administrators responsible should be ashamed of themselves.


I am a parent at Voorhees. The parents supported Coach Carroll and were upset that he wasn’t coming back.


Zen is being a baby and trying to force the board to shut down. That will make him feel that he was correct when he said this site was dying. I don’t care. I’m gone too after his stupidity lately.


The parents should have supported Justina too. One of the best coaches in the state. Voorhees’ loss.


Justina was and still is a great coach. It was extremely unfortunate what occurred on the girls team and from my view, mishandled all the way around. Everyone involved, administration, parents, athletes and coach did not address the core of the situation correctly. I include myself in that statement. Easy to see now, two years later.

That said, most of what you all heard or assumptions and projections put out there is not accurate, and one sided.

I agree it was a loss. In my opinion, if handled with a clear head instead of emotions, things today could have been very different. But it is what it is, and Mr. DeRobbio did a great job last year.


You have no idea whatever what I know so don’t assume you do. I know the story and I know the coach and back her 100% and I’m not the only one.

Witch hunts suck no matter where they are conducted and why.


Fact: Justina was then and I believe still is a great coach. Her career record speaks for itself.

Fact: Justina had plenty of support from parents, and still does.

Fact: yes it was Voorhee’s loss, having both coach Carroll and Coach Cassavell leaving.

I wouldn’t say there was a witch hunt. There was a situation that escalated because it was not handled properly, by anyone, in my view.
My hope is that we have all moved on, let go, in a positive way. Those involved deserve that.



The coach pushed this team from nowhere to the top. The kids and parents are very upset. Very sad!!


Have heard from a parent that the man running the district actually hung up on her when discussing the situation with him. Makes you wonder.


I have an idea, why doesn’t some appreciative parent (there must be at least one?) get to a school board meeting or make some phone calls to attempt to pay a coach back who gave so much of themselves to the kids? I love High Bridge- seems so quaint, great scenery, places to train …etc. That being said there seems to be a shortage of decent people in that sending district.


Blackbeard there is more then one town in that sending district(Califon, Glenn Gardner, Tewkesberry, Lebanon, Clinton Boro). Bob Carrol is a great guy and a exceptional coach. He got screwed but Lets not indite the community for this situation as well as the prior one with girls team. Administration yes parents collectively no. There are many parents that went to bat for Bob the coach.