Vintage Spike Status Thread


Decided to start looking at this place again after my OG Streaks started getting on their last legs. Looks like the spike threads here are still pretty active and I assume there are a lot of new faces here. I used to post here a lot under the runthenight profile but forgot the login info.

I’ve been collecting for about 10 years now and started noticing some issues with some of my older spikes. Regardless of the condition of them, it appears as though time has taken its toll on the glue for many of them. I would love to use this thread as a way to catalog vintage spike issues so that others will know which are still fine to race in and which are best left as collectors items.

I’ll start with the Zoom Kennedy’s (whites). This is mainly where I’ve seen this issue. I had the plate completely come off already just from flexing my foot in them. Yellow Kenns have survived, even with two xc races in them this year. Colorado’s seem to be okay as well.

Nike Jasari - Had my teammate race indoor with them a year or so ago. Still fine.

Nike Eldoret II- Raced indoor in them last weekend. Still solid.

I’m convinced it may just be the construction of that Kennedy plate that leads itself to the plate coming unstuck. Any other spikes you’ve seen this happen to?


My Jasari’s are pulling apart in a few different places, but they’ve been handed down through three different runners (counting myself), so I’m not sure it’s fair to expect much more from them.

My OG spotted Ventulus are in great shape and I’ll pop them out for workouts every season or so.


I guess this is something to note, but the sock liner in the og vics on some pairs are beginning to separate


This happened on all my pairs after one race :frowning:


Rip. The og og colorways seem to really be the troublesome ones. I also feel like some of the tumbos too but I can’t rmembwr if that happened to mine


If I remember correctly from back in '09 '10 or so, this was an issue for them even back then.

I’ve also found that with a lot of old spikes the sock liner becomes a problem because it’s so dry. Racing in OG bees today and I swapped out the sock liner from my Mayflys since last time I ran in them it wiped out the bottom of my feet.


I have 2 pairs of OG vics the blue and green ones (2012) and the black and orange (2010?) and I had a pair of Ethiopian ones from 2009. The blue and greens I got in 2012 and they always had that problem with the liner coming off near the toes if I went barefoot. The black and orange ones were brand new when I got them in 2014 and the etho ones were barely used and both of them had the same problem.


These are about as far from vintage as it gets, but the metallic finish on my Mamba V plate has started peeling off after very minimal use. I’ve worn them for about 4000m worth of work on the track and much of the finish has peeled off of the left spike. This hasn’t taken away from the functionality of the spikes, but needless to say I’m disappointed that this happened so soon.

Has anyone else had a similar issue?


Thought I got a defect pair of USA ones but glad to know that’s not the case and shoe goo seemed to solve that problem for the most part. My blue/green ones have held up well except for that part on the medial side that rips fairly easily.


Update on OG Bees. Plate is ready to come off. It survived a 10K race at club nats but there’s not much left to them. I’ll post a pic when I get home.


Exact same experiences here. The sockliner on my USAs fell apart awhile ago, but my red/yellows are doin fine with just a tiny bit of wrinkling in the liner.