Any vegetarians on the TrackTalk?

Thinking about eating all of the meat in my apartment (ibjoke) and then not buying anymore. Trying to eat more pasta and things like that.

Anyone tried this? Anyone a vegetarian?


I’m not one, but IMO, awesome for your body if done correctly, but seldom done correctly. When not done correctly it’s pretty horrible for your body.


Also really expensive if your meat substitute is nuts and pretty much every other one is either difficult to cook or tastes terrible.

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Please elaborate. I plan on drinking 2 or 3 protein shakes a day, which will get me my protein needed so that won’t be a problem.


You need a lot of veggies. Veggies, legumes, fruits, dairy [maybe]. Make sure your carbs are not refined. whole grain is good.


Was going to be eating a lot of pasta. Not really a fan of nuts and what not.


Ya if you aren’t eating nuts or soy I don’t think this will work…

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Looking at the packages of the things I eat on a consistent basis, they do not have a whole lot of carbs in them.




make sure you’re getting iron and b12. Might want to look into supplements. Also protein is pretty important.


that is not going to be healthy then.


see also: Fernandez, G.


I would like to try this as well, but am allergic to nuts and legumes. There are some possible avenues I have yet to explore though.


I’m getting to the point where I’m almost vegetarian. I eat meat once or twice a week. I eat rice and beans with veggies most nights and hummus on bread or a cheese quesadilla w/ salsa with an apple for lunch.


insert julian casablancas here.


First you were a vegon, now you will be gone.


3 1/2ish years ago I decided to do basically this. It has worked out well so far. Iron supplements are highly recommended, and I also take a multi-vitamin with B-12. I get most of my protein from dairy, nuts and beans/peas/other veggies with protein.


Is nuts the only way to get what I’d be missing?


Baby, all you need are deez nuts.