UWM's Pete Corfield retires


Announced via private circles. This means an immediate job opening. With the right coach the program could find new heights. You heard it first!



Something I’ve wondered and this is as appropriate place as any to ask: What outdoor track does UWM use for practice? I don’t think they’ve got one on campus, although I could be totally out of the loop.




2 potential candidates include Robert Hackett who has the pedigree and coached at Madison and was an nba strength coach and perhaps Andy Bosley and get him to bring his son to the program. Andy and Drew could probably steal the iron sheik from Oshkosh and get another stud or two from the amazing wisconsin senior class that could give milwaukee it’s best cross team ever in a few years. I could see meinke Ellenburg vanucchhi all consider Milwaukee if Drew and Andy went there and maybe iron sheik for this fall as it may not be too late. What a nucleus of talent and what a way to “create” your own program. Plus Owen Bosley is next as he will be an 8th grader this year. Andy could bring 8 plus years of Bosley athletes and their peers to uwm that’s a lot of time to change the program and what a better way to do it than with his own blood. If I was Drew I would go to Madison if not madison a tier 1 program like Oregon or Stanford (in my eyes those are the only 2 programs truly better than the badgers over a very long period-maybe Colorado but I wouldn’t go there) if not that I would consider Harvard or yale so that his life was taken care of (personally I would choose Harvard option as number 1 but I’m not as fast as drew and he does have next level aspirations), but I think running for his dad and building a program and dynasty together trumps all of the above and I bet Drew could rally the troops from wisconsin to attend uwm. I think it’s a cool idea


Top academic/xc schools… Stanford, Michigan, BYU, Syracuse, Air Force, UCLA
UW should be there, but they haven’t been to NCAAs 2 of the last 3 years.
*Not scientific. Just matching teams at Nationals against top Universities.

Gwen Jorgensen has a better chance of winning Olympic Marathon Gold than Drew attending UWM.


That’s funny but she was so good at the triathlon – just kidding!



This is the Milwaukee State Teachers College campus in 1937 (area bounded by Hartford, Downer, Kenwood and Cramer). It looks like there were three tracks of varying sizes. The top one is the current soccer field. The bottom left one is Pearse Field under construction. It was used until the late-1960’s. Baker Fieldhouse, where the City, Suburban and Braveland conferences once held indoor meets, is east across Maryland from Pearse. Both Pearse and Baker are long gone.


They use Shorewood’s track. Not as much as you would think. They practice most of their jumps indoors. Rarely see them on the track!


Lots of wishful thinking here. I hope there’s a serious national search for a head coach. It will have to be track and cross country. Knowledge in all deciplines as there’s not many coaches in the program.
@zen I heard in the circles that Cofekd is retiring but not sure if it’s after the 2018-2019 season? The right coach could bring so much potential athletes to UWM.


Another high profile candidate would be Andrew Rock. He is obviously the most famous and best collegiate 400 meter runner in state history. He seemed to have success at bethel college this year where he is coaching where at least at one point his 4x400 was leading the nation in division 3. I don’t know his demeanor but I think it’s another top candidate. This wouldn’t help for cross country but his international accolades as an athlete should command attention from most recruits in wisconsin and perhaps most of the midwest


Could they lure Guthrie out of retirement? He has coached D1 before at Central Michigan and as an assistant at UW.


What is the financial reward for this job? Is it a higher paying job than what the coaches in the wisconsin division 3 schools are receiving?


You know I was just talking about this yesterday. Coach Guthrie would be a great fit for the program. Build them up for 5-7 years.

I also thought that Missy Buttry and Andrew Rock could be a good dual to try people into the program.

@Goforthewin you beat me to it🤗


UWM raced today at UW-Green Bay. So far I have not heard of any new hires. Currently Jake Reilly is filling in until a new coach is announced.

Women’s Results: https://mkepanthers.com/news/2018/9/1/womens-cross-country-utterly-dominant-at-green-bay.aspx

Men’s Results: https://mkepanthers.com/news/2018/9/1/mens-cross-country-panthers-sweep-opener-at-green-bay.aspx

Is it the leadership at the top that’s holding back on a hire or is nobody interested?

Jake Reilly:


I don’t know how accurate it is, but I heard John Simons interviewed for the head coach position.


Surprise new hire! Completely out of the blue! A good fit for the program. I’m going to assume that Jake Riley will continue to coach cross country? Andrew is a great guy and I’m excited to see what he can bring to the program.