Usain Bolt 9.91 in ostrava


Now i’m worried, his second 9.91 of the season and apparently he had to chase down mullings who ran 9.97. looks like this bulking up has affected his start for the worse. -0.2 wind but ostrava’s a quick track. just to give you an idea of how much he has bulked up:
really hope he runs a low 9.8 or high 9.7 soon :o

on a good note Veronica C.B. ran a 10.76, she’s gonna provide real competition for Shelly A.F.P. come trials, now looking for a message to be sent out at pre classic :slight_smile:


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At least he’s still winning.


for the 500th time on this topic, that applies to meets that will be televised later in the USA on tape delay (i.e olympics/worlds), not some random meet in europe.


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Is it bad that I am unimpressed when he runs 9.9X


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  1. I have a hard time believing “bulking up” is going to negatively effect his starting explosiveness. In fact any bulking he has done has probably been done to help with that specifically.

  2. His reaction time was significantly better than his last race (0.158 as opposed to 0.179) and he was ahead of Mullings from the gun (0.170)

100m Men
Final A Start Time:  20:20 Wind: -0.2 m/s 
Rank Name Nat Date of Birth Lane
1 BOLT Usain JAM 21 AUG 1986 4 0.158 9.91 =SB
2 MULLINGS Steve JAM 29 NOV 1982 3 0.170 9.97
3 BAILEY Daniel ANT 9 SEP 1986 5 0.173 10.08
4 COLLINS Kim SKN 5 APR 1976 2 0.152 10.09
5 CLARKE Lerone JAM 12 JUN 1981 7 0.191 10.19 SB
6 WILLIAMS Ivory USA 2 MAY 1985 6 0.142 10.21
7 PICKERING Craig GBR 16 OCT 1986 8 0.169 10.31
8 VELEBA Jan CZE 6 DEC 1986 1 0.169 10.47

I really don’t think there’s anything to worry about.


In 2009, before June, Bolt’s SB was 9.91, exactly what it is today. If I remember correctly, he ended up running OK in August when it counted. Also, in 2009, he didn’t run faster than a wind-aided 9.77 prior to Berlin.

After his race in Oslo next week he is taking off ~a month to get in a solid training/doping cycle. He’ll be fine in Taegu.


i don’t think it will affect him negatively in the long term, but at the moment it doesn’t look as if he’s at ease with his “new body”, sure he has a good reaction but his first 10m seem like he popped up a bit:

i think once he’s got his technique sorted he’ll be good to go, he just looked a bit laboured, i’m sure he’ll come good by trials, i hope so anyway, it’s just a race against time (like it is usually for him, ha) to see if he can get prepared for the wc’s

edit: just seen what yoshi posted, looks like i’m worrying over nothing…


Please note the following:

  1. Running sub-10s.
  2. Winning against good competiton.
  3. Start of the season.
  4. Adjusting to new training and size.

…he will be ok.


I agree that he will come around although these two races have shared some similiarity to his loss to Gay last summer. He just doesn’t look as in control of body as he did in '08 and especially '09. He was so smooth and his movements were so confident. I am just hoping he remains healthy.

AND the real question is where will he end up? Of course he will be ok but will he be 9.58 Bolt, 9.69 Bolt, 9.7s, 9.8s?? Obviously if we see Beijing or Berlin Bolt I don’t think anyone can catch him . . . but let’s say he ends up in the 9.7s or 9.8s - which is nothing to sneeze at . . . could Gay or Carter or Powell have a great day and pull out a shocking World Champs win??

It’s a beautiful thing that will unfold hopefully.




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