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This application not only renders state meet results in the commonly known hytek results format but also scores the meet using state association rules. That includes but is not limited to frozen runners, ghost runners, tie breakers and rank by collective team time.

Between content and search engine optimization we are hoping to attract more users from across the country. If you’d like to help gain popularity, spread the word via mouth, share the main page and/or your favorite result via the same social media icons you see at the top of every thread, email it to your coaches and friends, your rivals, etc.


Still waiting on results from the following states: CO, ID, NH, ND, OK, VT, WV


Vermont - 3 Divisions , but a combined list available

New Hampshire Meet of Champions Nov 3rd


I totally feel stupid asking this (because it’s probably obvious) but where are the results at I am not familiar with the navigation through that site.


3/4 the way down on the front page, but here’s the links for each

Boys combined


held at Thetford Academy, argueably one of the 3 hardest courses in NE:cool:


Zen, where did you get the state course at Iowa was 3 miles? It’s 5k- guess your app needs some work :slight_smile:


Ill make the switch as soon as I get to a computer. I guess I assumed it was only three miles based on the times. In any case, easy update but cut me some slack, 13 states in one day… I didn’t do bad. :wink: