USA Olympic Uniform Revealed


Take a peek. I don’t know, I was a big fan of the blue that was worn at Deagu, I don’t care much for the all red look. Personal bias of color, I guess, but I think they should at least try to incorporate all 3 colors into the jersey (in a significant way) somehow. Having the USA in blue and having…the nike swoosh(?) be white is not really enough IMO.


Agree. I am indifferent to the uni.

I love when they pick athletes to model uni that are no longer locks to make team. That is how I view D.Oliver.


Essentially all red does seem silly. With all the designers they have on board this is what they come up with?



Uninspiring design


A bit disappointing - I was hoping for more of a “Red White and Blue” feel… (the national true blue, not navy this time). Straight red isn’t a real “American” feel.

Wonder if there is a chance to see a revision if feedback is less than positive…


I’m a fan, red can positively influence your performance.


we look like we’re supporting the red coats. what a coincidence, the games are in London. jk.

in all seriousness, i believe our athletes look best in blue with red trim, red lettering, and a white outline ala 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.


poor china, if only they had waited 4 more years…


I understand the sentiments expressed here, but I also feel that it is kinda nice to have a noticeably different uniform than recently. Of note, the 1984 and 1988 Olympics saw the US Team in all-red uniforms [with a bit of white trim at times]. Not a bad look, really.

Just be glad they’re not sporting the Flo-Jo/Kingdom-esque hoods this year:



Maybe they should go with the more aerodynamically constructed ‘dimple’ suits…based on the same principle as a golf ball.


My favorite national uniforms were the white ones from the 2004 Olympics. I like the red, wish they had gone with a different color shorts, though.

Also, red isn’t entirely unprecedented in US uniforms- 1976 and 1984 both had predominantly red uniforms. Actually, the 1984 was this gross washed out color that wasn’t very red.

Since the US flag is red and white stripes, I’d like to see some shorts like this:

(that’ll never happen, though)


Everyone always hates the new national kits when they first come out. And then a year or two later all those same people are eagerly shelling out $$$$ to get their hands on the “sick US kits from a few years ago.”

I like these. The simpler the better, IMO.


People are going to continuously confuse athletes from the U.S. and Chinese teams. Ok, not really, but the uni is a big boring.