USA 5k Championships


[FONT=helvetica]RESULTS: CVS Downtown 5k (USA 5k Championships) 2013
Providence, RI
September 22nd, 2013

F[URL=“”]ull Results

Top 10 Men’s Results[/FONT]

Overall Place [URL=“”] First Name [URL=“”] Last Name [URL=“”] City [URL=“”] State Bib NumberDivision[URL=“”] Age [URL=“”] Gender [URL=“”] Age Group Age Group PlaceTimePace
1 Andrew [URL=“”] Bumbalough Concord, MA 4 CVS Caremark Downtown 5k26MM 1-39113:454:25/M
2 Aaron [URL=“”] Braun Englewood, CO 13 CVS Caremark Downtown 5k26MM 1-39213:494:27/M
3 Matt [URL=“”] Tegenkamp Concord, MA 3 CVS Caremark Downtown 5k31MM 1-39313:494:27/M
4 Alistair [URL=“”] Cragg ProvidenceRI4587CVS Caremark Downtown 5k33MM 1-39413:534:28/M
5 Samuel [URL=“”] Chelanga West Lebanon, NH 15 CVS Caremark Downtown 5k28MM 1-39513:594:30/M
6 Timothy [URL=“”] Ritchie Brighton, MA 51 CVS Caremark Downtown 5k26MM 1-39614:044:31/M
7 Joe [URL=“”] Stilin Blowing Rock, NC 56 CVS Caremark Downtown 5k23MM 1-39714:054:32/M
8 Mitch [URL=“”] Goose Providence, RI 26 CVS Caremark Downtown 5k24MM 1-39814:074:32/M
9 Ayele [URL=“”] Feisa New York, NY 19 CVS Caremark Downtown 5k20MM 1-39914:094:33/M
10 Chris [URL=“”] Solinsky Concord, MA 2 CVS Caremark Downtown 5k18MM 1-391014


Nice to see Solinsky running fast again, Stilin is doing real well as a Pro and Tegenkamp off his 20K championship a few weeks ago showing he still has some foot speed.