USA 4x1


Let’s say Tyson Gay is back, he runs a 9.85 to win the trials. Dix, Gatlin take second and third. Kimmons, Bailey, Rodgers, Demps and Williams made the final.

How does…

Mike Rodgers…Tyson Gay…Walter Dix…Justin Gatlin


Gay on that long second leg as oppossed to his regular third leg. Does he really need a curve?


A lot of the team dynamic will revolve around Gay-if he gets thru the rounds at trials.
I played around with a couple of team mixes- but in each I put Gay on the second carry.
Conventional thoughts say with Dix and Gatlin expected to run both sprints they sit out the OG trial relay round but that adds another round to Gays load and we might not want to do that.
of course we make the choice by how the guys look at the OGs itself
OG heats
or say
OG Finals


Dear Lord,

Patton? :smiley:


Good lord! And of course every one of those 9 handoffs will be immaculate, right?


Or how about we field an “injury” team and add that element into the “dear god, just let us get the baton around the track” thing . . .

How about:

Harry Adams > Walter Dix > Tyson Gay (on the curve on purpose!) > Jeff Demps

Perhaps Ryan Bailey in the heats?



Let’s add Venus di Milo to the roster… somewhat slower, but hands just as good.


I see we are on the same train of thought here with one exception. Doc Patton?


At the 1932 Olympics in LA the USA sent a 4x1 team without any of the 100m guys on it. All that team did was practice practice practice. Obviously they won in WR time.

Could the USA with all their speed make that work? Maybe just plug in the “stud” to anchor.


It’s a legit pick unfortunately (or fortunately if you are into redemption). As soon as he ran that 10.04 in March he was in the picture. He is 8th fastest currently on the US list and Gay, Adams, Bailey and Dix are all ahead of him and have serious injury concerns.

What I can’t figure out is why Patton dropped the 200. You know, the event he won a silver medal at the World Championships in . . .

Right now Gatlin and Rodgers are the safest picks for our 100 team - Rodgers hasn’t been flashy but has been very consistent in the 10.0x range.

Its too bad - a healthy Rodgers (or Kimmons), Gatlin, Dix and Gay could give Jamaica a run.


He started out as a 26 foot long jumper while at TCU, then like you said a 200 guy, then the 100/200 then just the 100. I’m with you he should have stayed in the 200. I don’t like him as a relayer.

Regardless of what the USA brings we can’t run with Jamaica. We can run fast enought to make them pay if they have some shabby stick work which can happen. All things being equal we stand no chance.


i agree, but just want to point out that the snafu in daegu was not his fault at all. That was a direct result of the stupid lane assignments and the brits.


Totally agree. I’m just saying that he has a history and it is a bit scary.

Certainly he is a vet and that is good but what has his experience been? Its been icky.

Do you want three guys heading out to the track nervous enough simply because of the recent history we have in the 4x1 and then looking at the guy who involved in a bunch of it.

I have a purely psychological concern. Is he fast enough to be considered, yup. Were all the situations his fault - no - although he could have noticed the wall of a man lining up near him and wondered if that would affect him I guess.

Just saying you want these guys heading out as confident as possible and heading out with a guy who has had issues could be concerning no matter what a team member would likely say.


it will be interesting to see. Are they going with the traditional lane assignments for finals, or that POS system they used in daegu last year?


You may recall that in 1990 France, with a quartet that had zero chance individually of making an Olympic or WC 100m final, set the WR in the 4x100m relay.


They did have Daneil Sanquema a world ranked second leg. That 32 team had Frank Wykoff a top sprinter who just wasn’t one of our top three in 32.

But the point you are making I understand. We both are making actually. The thing is you can win with less speed if that “slow” team does have precision passing. What if they don’t? They won’t have the speed to make up for a mishap, a team of 9.8 guys will.


Trinidad will have three sub10.00 sprinters on their 4x1…hmmm?


PlaceAthlete NameAffiliationTimeWindReacTime
1JustinGatlinUnattached9.80+1.8 0.168
2Tyson Gayadidas9.86+1.8 0.157
3Ryan BaileyNike9.93+1.8 0.143
4Michael RodgersUnattached9.94+1.8 0.151
5Darvis PattonNike9.96+1.8 0.163
6Trell Kimmonsadidas10.02+1.8 0.159

7Jeff DempsFlorida10.27+1.8 0.169
8Walter DixNike10.95+1.8 0.156


No Dix sucks.

If Gay is back then I guess…


…would be our best bet.