US to tap into SPR


US DoE sending out 30 million barrels of oil to increase the supply of oil.

Looks like a panic move to me.


This isn’t even real. Smh. We need that oil for the zombie apocalypse.

On a more serious note, our country consumes 19.6 million barrels per day. These 30 million barrels actually won’t make a difference. Gas prices are already coming down. They are down 55 cents in the last couple of weeks where I live.




The last time they used the reserves was during the Gulf War and Hurricane Katrina. The only thing this is doing is scaring the markets.


It shouldn’t even scare the markets. A lot of the companies that just reported earnings, including FedEx yesterday were saying how their numbers will look better if the price of oil comes down lol.


This will never happen and if it does it won’t be used. Americans love their cars and independence. It won’t catch on.


First of all, it gets heavy use on the existing lines in the Northeast.

More importantly, if gas prices are high enough, people will not drive if there is an alternative. It would really be great if we could do it with a high national gas tax, but that will never happen.

Our dependence on foreign oil is not only bad economically and environmentally, it’s also a national security issue.


It won’t catch on and it shouldn’t catch on.


Why shouldn’t it catch on?


Because we should spend billions of dollars on other things that are far more likely to be successful. I’ll revise my statement. “it won’t catch on, and it shouldn’t happen.”


I agree that it won’t catch on RIGHT NOW. However, if we get to a point where it will catch on, we should do it.


Our cities don’t have anywhere near the population densities of those far eastern cities where these systems are [barely] economically viable. Maybe one day, though.


It’s cheaper to fly in Europe than to take the trains now. Times is changed.