Urgent Question


Can my friend run NCAA D1 if he won’t have health insurance until next year?
He has his compliance meetings and physical tomorrow. He had to fill out paperwork with insurance info, what do?


Answering the thread title… Yes, that is a pretty urgent question.


Pshhhhh way to edit the title, Adam.


You pwn3d me. It was an attempt to save face/make the necessary corrections LOL


i believe he can get coverage thru the school. tell him (it’s obviously a him, amiright?lol) to just say that he was planning to get his coverage thru the school.


He can’t even enroll into school without health insurance. No on all accounts.




A lot of schools offer health insurance for like 300 dollars a year, he could probably do that.


NOOOOOOO. he cant. At all


Is it weird then that I didn’t have health insurance other than this NCAA insurance that only covers sports related injuries and nothing else?