Unhappy college decision


I go to a D1 school in the midwest region. I’m a freshman but i’m not very happy here. i’ve been injured since august, might red shirt the whole year, and was forced to come here by my parents. my school isn’t that good at running either (we aren’t ranked). I really want to transfer but an out of state school would probably be too expensive since i probably won’t get financial aid/scholarship. what should I do? my high school pr’s are 49, 1:53, 4:18. 9:16, and 15:37 for the 5k on a xc course


transfer. im sure you can find someplace cheap enough, you just need to explore


with those times i am sure you could find at least some sort of athletic money at an out of state school near you.


Talk to your parents honestly.

What do you want to major in? Those are indeed great PBs but school is for school, too. Do you want a big college, small college . . . etc.

Freshman year can be very disconcerting especially if you don’t know alot of people there and being injured to boot has stolen your running it sounds like which makes things even cloudier. Hang in there, but make sure you are talking to someone, your coach, your parents, your friends. College is about growing and making decisions. Research, think, feel, discuss and I’m sure you will do what is right for you.


This may not be true but I don’t think you can collect scholarship money for athletics if you transfer. Not sure if this is true (I remember hearing something like this when I transferred but I received 0 athletic money from both schools)


why not transfer to another school you looked at while in high school?