Underclassmen Records


@westharrier i agree bowen was a great coach who had an amazing program and their teams had tremendous swag before the word existed. they tried to intimidate (were usually successful) and he worked his athletes hard as he had in shape sprinters but tons of great quarter milers and half milers as well and even a cross country program where we all got the infamous tony rodiez. competing against south division quartermilers or even halfmilers was always as exciting as it got for me especially duking it out in the 4x400. although like all great programs some negative rumors existed such as the allstar teams as westharrier describes and grade fixing rumors were out there I think it’s best to say that none of it was proven and he (and coach sims at north division) gave opportunities to underprivileged kids to be part of something great that did not really exist at almost any other city schools (perhaps brief periods at tech, Vincent and king) so both coaches deserve the accolades without any taint from unproven innuendo as the good they did for their kids vastly outweighed any bad. Candidly its also impossible for coaches that are very old or not alive to defend themselves either so lets just take the proven stuff and ignore the negative rumors. Further, for guys like me to have the thrill to watch them run and to try and compete with them was also awesome as they always brought their A game with attitude and the hard work to back it up. a hall of fame without including Greiten, Sims, and Bowen would be irrelevant as that was quarter mile running of the 80s with Rymer leading the distance charge. i get goosebumps just thinking of going onto south division indoor track knowing I’d have to find extra gears or get absolutely smoked.


Special thanks to user @Biff for his contribution to the freshman and sophomore 1600 lists. He uncovered Bob Mead’s (Waukesha South Class of 1976) freshman and sophomore times in the mile while running for the larger Waukesha high school before it split. I feel it is only right to list his school as Waukesha despite the graduation year column reading 1976.

On that note, the underclassmen record lists have been updated this morning.


Thanks @zen for the Underclassmen lists! Looking through the Juniors’ 3200 list triggered a memory of mine from a day at the Shell. Hacker, Stintzi, Easker & Jenkins essentially were the list back in 1981 but they are all still in your top 20 overall times today. We all know what those guys accomplished before graduating from UW!

It will be interesting to see the development of the upcoming UW class of Gessner, Wagner, Jacobs & Hirsch. Their potential seems just as bright, Gessner, Wagner and Jacobs already have faster 3200 pr’s than the '81 class, (I’m not sure what Hirsch’s pr is).


Updates in first post. Unfortunately there are many unknown marks out there this year.


These have been updated again. Keep in mind these started off at top ten lists and became top twenty lists or more. The cutoffs will still stand.

Just a few comments after state:

Matt Meinke now ranks only behind Chris Solinsky and Finn Gessner for sophomore 3200 runners. Drew Bosley is 9th with his comeback effort after an injured season.

Big surprise is Edgardo Valdes who literally jumped to #11 for sophomores in the 800 at 1:55.28.

Rhys Koch put himself all the way up ahead of Perrin Hagge in the 800 for juniors at #14.


Bosley is the new #1 in the sophomore 3200


Almost everyone moves down one in the junior 800. Easy to get lost when we date back to the 70s or prior but 1970 state champion Jim Hinchcliffe was a junior.


Then in 1971 Hinchcliffe was beaten at State in a close one by Milwaukee West junior Robert LaGrant, who ran 1:54.5.


Was this record set at Monona Grove or was it on cinders some where else? Cinders are slower than the artificial track surfaces of the day and even slower than the modern artificial track surfaces. This 1:53.9 is dynamite. That was about the times Mark Winzenreid was running in the summer of 67 I believe right after his junior year where he set the then state record in the 440 at around 47.5. Ron Kurtz who was coaching the Kegonsa track club at that time got him to move up to the 880 and the rest was history. I would have thought Winzenreid ran faster than 1:53.9 during his senior year but maybe Monroe was D2 back then. I believe Mark set the world record in the 1000 yard run and just missed making the 72 Olympic team in the 800M. Mark had that rare combination of speed, endurance, and guts that it takes to run the 800M fast.


I will have to double check but I think Hinchcliffe ran that at monona grove. Winzenreid was class B and the article says Class A for hinchcliffe. The class b mark at the state meet was not winz’s best. His in season best came from the badger conference meet. That picture is on this site somewhere. Wisconsintrackandfield.com recognized his US Jaycees time from august after senior year (qualified in post season about this time of year) as the high school record before Andrew Perkins.


Potential update to this as it appears Don Lindstrom combined WIAA and WISAA marks for a final June 12th, 1969 Honor Roll. The OCR Text for said honor roll is showing:

440:    1-Jim Lustiq, Milwaukee Custer, 48 8; 2 Bill Bumby, Ripon, :49.1; 3-Gary Brink, Madison LaFollette, 49.8; 4-J im
 Cape, Wayland, .49.9; 5-Bob Kincaid, Whitawater, :50.0. MO:    1-Skip Kent, Wausau, 1:54.7; J- Craig Swenson, 
McFarland, and Mike; Lawless, Racine St. Catherine, 1:55.5; Jeff Heller, Milwaukee Marshall,    1:56.2;    w    - n    I
, p r frnrri ionic!    Valiev 5 Pal Sullivan, Kenosha Tremper,    1:56.5.  Mila 1-Glenn Harold, Watartown, and    M V    unset 
Ireland’s .lop Carr Dan cautley, Madison Memorial,    4:0*.!;!uP"cl “Claim 3    vdI1’ 3-Lawless, Racine St. Catherine, 4:13.6, 
4-Dennis Biel, Wausau, 4.16.8; 5-Jo# McGhee, Madison Memorial, 4:19.5. Two mile l-Heroid, Watertown, 9:25; |2-Lawless,
 Racine St. Catherine, 9:26; 3-Rudy Alvarez, Racine Horlick, 9:35.1; 4-Torn Joerres, Milwaukee Pio Nono, and Steve Stintii, 
Menomonee# Falls, 9:43.8. 120 high hurdles: 1-Sherman Della, Clintonville, : 14.4; 2-Dennis Rynearson, Wauwatosa West, : 14.5
; 3-Ray Keller, Port Washington, Don Trevaskis, Madison La : 19.5; 4-Mick Buz/ell. Delavan-Darien, Regg..

Does it actually show 1:55.5 next to Craig Swenson?

1.Authenticate clicking the image below and come back for #2:

2, Click through to the 1969 Final Honor Roll.


Yes, but it should be 1:55.3.


Awesome find!

800 at McFarland goes

1:53 Lacy
1:53y Lacy
1:54 Schwoerer
1:54y Swenson


Dan Nienhauser of Madison West had some decent freshman and sophomore times in the late 1970s. He was a cross country runner his freshman year but then went out for football after.


Updated first post.

  • Austin Henderson 4:26.98 tied for #17 on the freshman all-time list
  • Patrick Wills on tied for #33 on the freshman all-time list
  • Charlie Wesley of Arrowhead also posted a competitive 4:30i to beat Wills (4:31.25) at the C8 indoor conference meet