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Saw this article on milesplit and was wondering other’s thoughts on it?

Is it right for a group of runners from a school to be able to essentially create a club team separate from the school? I know – club team by definition is separate, but will this impact the athletes that still compete for the school?

If we had a large and successful program would this be a way for them to attempt to get two teams through to nationals?


@ccdad clearly a unique situation and I’m fine with it. Glad they are running. Missed a full season to do this so they earned the right to run as a school but not represent their school if they are opposed to something unjust etc. they have 2 of the top runners in the country but not sure this team can make top 2 in that loaded region although 3-4 teams may get in from Nike south east given the strength of the teams in that region. Remember many of the schools are clubs so they just never ran for their school, but all went to the same school and were eligible to run, seems fine to me


Just googled some articles – sounds like a crazy situation at the school. :open_mouth:


I don’t think the official XC team from the school was good enough to qualify to be in the Championship race, while the club team is, so no conflict.


The rules are fluid. Teams and individuals have been allowed to compete under circumstances that seemed to violate Nike’s published rules. They were allowed to compete even though they were ineligible to compete for their high school team. There are a few teams this year that could split their runners evenly and be close to qualifying but nobody would be willing to take that chance unless they were nearly certain.

What about large school districts that have multiple high schools? What about states with open enrollment? What about adding other athletes to a current team from within the school if the state doesn’t allow dual sports? These things all violate Nike’s rules but seem to happen. Unless another team complains about a situation, Nike wouldn’t know or care. They probably welcome the additional entrants and higher quality competition.


Nike has allowed JH runners to compete from states that don’t allow it. They have allowed individuals to qualify from schools that also had the HS team competing. That would be another way for a team to get more people to nationals without 2 complete teams. I am sure that some teams could strip away their number 1 and still qualify the team. On the flip side, Footlocker doesn’t allow JH runners to compete even if they are on the HS team.