U mad gary?




Gary, it’s okay. You can just pretend this is accurate:




You guys have no idea what just happened.


So melty. So delicious.

Please, Gary, tell me what just happened.


The stock market is falling. Why don’t you find a broker and ask them.


Yeah, that’s because everyone just lost a boatload on InTrade!



I like reading this from the different news agencies.

In Fox News’ report you can tell the author wrote it with a hint of disgust in his mouth and Roberts is seen as a traitor: “Roberts, appointed during a REPUBLICAN administration…”

Then over at MSNBC it is like a big ole party…

And of course CNN can’t even get it right in the first place. That was pretty funny.


I enjoyed the part where 10 minutes later, CNN was like “SCOTUS blog…”

Yeah, Wolf. You should have just read the SCOTUS blog. Like the other 600,000 readers it got this morning.

As soon as CNN claimed the mandate was struck down before SCOTUS blog said a word, I called bullshit on CNN.


Because the stock market is schizophrenic?


I agree with Gary, you all have no idea what you just allowed. Never give up freedom. What about my right to not have health care?




Assuming that it is a Right, which I don’t believe it is, when your exercising of that right negatively affects everyone else, it can and should be restricted.

I mean, what about my Right to drive 100 mph in a school zone, or to fire my weapon whenever and wherever I want? What about my right to throw pennies off the Empire State Building, or throwing bricks out of my car indiscriminately?

Remember, the Freedom of Speech has restrictions on it, and that’s ACTUALLY in the Constitution.

EDIT: FWIW, it’s entirely possible that you are joking, I’m not on here enough anymore to tell which posters are Liberals and which ones are not. I figured I’d stop in today to enjoy the self-destruction of DG.


Seriious question: does this help or hurt Obama’s chances of re-election?


This is classic… and pretty much sums up those 3 networks in a nutshell. :cool:


From what I’ve heard from doctors and hospital staff, obamacare is the new No Child Left Behind.


I think it somewhat hurts. Romney can still run on repealing ObamaCare, which is why I’m sure they had a celebration when it wasn’t struck down.


The fact that there’s no constitutional issue means that there’s no difference between Obamacare and Romneycare, which means that – like with several other issues – Romney would be running against a former version of himself.

Of course, large portions of the public will overlook this.

One of the benefits of this decision is that debate is back to a degree in the public sphere. This makes it unlike other decisions which removed debate and polarized the country (i.e. Roe).

It’s entirely unclear how it plays in the election. If the economy’s still – even barely – getting better, then Obama wins. If not, look out. Then the specious “arguments” that this is a general tax, that it’s “hurting the economy”, etc. will unfortunately carry more weight.


In theory, Romney can say “elect me and let’s take both houses” in order to overturn ACA. That works as a theory inasmuch as there’s a chance for the public to repudiate it. Is that enough to win the election on its own? No. If the economy tanks, um…