Tyson Gay


The guy needs to forget it, he had a great career now move on. A “B” race? No way he’s going to come back and be a factor vs guys running sub 9.90.

Say good bye Tyson.


tyson gay has more strength within him than you can fathom.


more than the body of a mere mortal can contain.


he is just testing our faith in him.


You sound like a Letsrun troll.

Go back and look at what Gay ran early in the season only a year go. Even if he never gets back to his old self, he will still be pretty darn good.


Actually I’m a sprint geek/freak. Like in if Eulace Peacock had been there in 1936 Berlin…hmmm? Wanna talk sub10 and the SEC?

I’m well aware of who Tyson is and what he’s all about, been following him since his Barton days. The guy is breaking down and it’s very obvious. Keep in mind he’s been running fast for a long time, how many explosions is too many? This isn’t me running the guy down at all, it’s me seeing the hand writing on the wall. He has some serious problems right now.

Watch what happens.



20 years of organized football here. X-Navy man. I actually work for a living. Running…?


Haha. 20 years of football? So peewee thru high school, then an intramural flag football team in college?

Not to diss on the armed forces, but just cuz you were in doesn’t mean anything. Some of the softest pussies I’ve ever encountered were troops.

I’m sure you’re some tough guy and all…

And 9.90 is still relevant, especially since he still has time to potentially drop another tenth.


Yep, a peewee leaguer:rolleyes:


It’s one thing to run “a” race vs a “B” field than it is dealing with rounds in a Championship setting. Let’s see if he can last.

You totally missed my point about football/Navy/work world.


Not sure why you’re bashing an amazing runner who had a solid first race after injury.

His coach said that if he ran 10.0 it would be a great time. He ran exactly that, and into a 1.5 headwind.

I’ll be surprised if he doesnt at least touch 9.8 at the trials, and then it’s all preparation for the Games. If he can stay injury free until then, he’ll be ready.


Truly, these days I just hope one of his legs don’t fly off during a race.

What an incredible talent but gosh he’s gone beyond what his body wants to do.

I’d love to see him AT LEAST make the relay team.

We’ll see what 4 rounds do to those legs soon enough.

Fingers crossed. This was a very impressive first outing.


Don’t feed the troll.


Seriously. He’s a repeat offender, across multiple boards.


That is not true at all. Why make things up. I’m as serious as serious gets about this stuff and everyone who knows me knows that. A troll…???

Everyone who know sprinting is well aware of why I’m concerned about Tyson Gay. It’s the rounds he’ll need to deal with at the trials and then the Olympics. Can he survive?

Trolling…how ridiculous:rolleyes: Where did you get that? Trolls can’t talk about Howard Drew, trust me!


Who is bashing? Can he deal with rounds? Then turn around and deal with rounds? I do have my doubts.

I’m not talking about his speed. Who doesn’t know about Tyson Gay? I’m talking about his ability to stay fit.


You seem to be the only one getting it. Huge concern over what happens once he starts dealing with rounds, where there is little recovery time.

I’m worried about him running that third leg on the relay. That curve he does not need. If he did run on the team he’d have to anchor.


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Yeah, yeah, yeah, you told us all about yourself when you were Periott. No one was impressed then, either.


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