Twerp's Cross Country Season - THIRD AT CCCNY NATIONALS! AAU Nationals Tomorrow!


It was, in a word, fantastic.

After the CYO season concluded, she ended up getting 3rd among 12-year-old girls at the CCCNYC National Cross Country Meet in Nashville, TN on November 22 running with her club team. The full video of the webcast is up on YouTube and the link is below. She ran an extremely smart race, going from about 15th just before the mile mark (3K race) to 8th with about 500m to go to third (fourth overall) at the finish. She was pissed she got nipped at the line, saying, “That’s not supposed to happen to me. I do that to other people.”

I own a signal cannon that we use to start races (Craig Virgin fired it when in came into town last year for our CYO City Meet) and I was asked to haul it Nashville to start those races as well. They actually mention it at the start of the webcast.

We then found out that AAU Junior Olympics Nationals are being held tomorrow in our own backyard in Lawrence, KS at Rim Rock Farm, one of the best CC courses in the country, IMHO. It’s where the HS state meet is held, so Sarah couldn’t pass up the chance to run it as well. She runs at 11:00 tomorrow, and my cannon will once again be used for the start. I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s the video. She shows up several places but gets mentioned by name (with a slight mispronunciation) at about the 11:27 mark. Several of interviews after the race, but none with her.





You’re tough…good luck tomorrow. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you!


OK!! nice race. will be looking for updates from a proud Dad tomorrow,
Send The Twerp my best wishes!!
As always I remind her RUN SMART!!.


I wondered how her season went - we haven’t heard from her in a while…congrats and keep on wanting it!



Congratulations Sarah…way to go!!


Actually, it was awful.

She’s had some problems in the past with the IT band on her right leg, but had been pain-free for quite a while. However, at AAU, the forecasted mid-40s never materialized. The high was 34 and very wet. She was outside in it for nearly two hours prior to her race and just couldn’t stay warm or loose. They hit the first turn (about 200 meters) and she felt a sharp pain in her knee. When she went passed me at about the 3/4 mile mark, she was crying from the pain and I was a little surprised she even finished.

But, some days you just have to fight through it, and she did.

She was crushed because this was a smaller field and not as deep as CCCNYC was (where she got third), and she truly thought she could get second. Same girl that won CCCNYC won here and that girl’s on another planet; Sarah knew she wasn’t getting her.

So, it was a very disappointing end to an otherwise very season. Did a Skype session with an old high school friend who is an outstanding personal trainer in the DC area and got a plate of exercises for her IT band.


Oh my , I’m so sorry to hear about Sarah’s knee pain…during a race no less.

And not to hear you have a “plateful of exercises” to do. Terrific.

Keep it up!

Looking forward to your next XC season!


She’s really looking forward to track after this cross country season. I may let her her do summer track this year for the first time. I casually asked her if she had any goals for track and she immediately replied “5:30 for the mile and 2:30 for the 800” for her 7th-grade season. We’ll see how it goes this winter.


IT band seems to be finally be resolved so hopefully she can start getting in a few runs now. She’s really looking forward to track.


OH Terrifc! I’m so happy for Sarah… I
m glad her IT band is flexible once again, thanks to the exercises. And now that is bitter cold out, she won’t mind as much. For I’m sure she missed her runs.


Twerp update. Poor kid can’t catch a break!

Got the IT band cleared up and she started getting in a few runs. Unlike you unfortunate East Coasters, we’ve had an exceptionally mild, nearly snow-free winter thus far. On a particularly nice Saturday, she was chomping at the bit to go to the track (she much prefers to run interval workouts). I finally acquiesced and told her we’d just run a few cruise intervals. She ran surprisingly well, then ran easy the next day. She said she was pretty sore.

A couple of days later, she had her first workout with a local club on an indoor track and the workout was virtually identical to the one she ran the previous Saturday. However, on the third 800, she pulled up limping with calf pain. She’d pulled a calf. However, when it was showing little progress about 10 days later, I finally took her to have it looked at. Doc determined she’d pulled the muscle sheath away from the periosteum of the tibia, and would be a longer healing period.

Finally feeling a bit better, so hopefully she can start back up running easy again soon. CYO season should be very interesting. There are six 7th/8th grade girls (including the Twerp) who all have run or have the ability to run sub-5:40. One of the girls ran 62-point and 2:20 as a 6th(!) grader off of very little training.


Oh no…gosh, that’s so sad to hear…hopefully she’ll bounce right back after it’s all healed up.

Hang in Sarah. Unfortunately, the injuries and recovery are part of the whole process. Take the time to heal…and you’ll be good to go!


Just found out this morning that it’s actually a stress fracture in her fibula. :disappointed::rage:


Just got cleared to start running again! Just 15-20 minutes easy on the treadmill today to start with.


she heals and recovers quickly!


Very easy and a lot of reinforcement about erring on the side of caution.


Yup. That’s one reason we started on the treadmill. Much more forgiving than frozen concrete right now.


I’m so glad to hear Sarah is running again. She must be so happy.

The treadmill. Now that’s something I can not do. Or the bike. I wish her the best and I look forward to seeing her race upcoming Fall xc season.

Go Sarah!