True Team State Predictions


Who’s the favorite?


Obviously Owatonna.


Hutch FTW!

I’ll check it out later and give some legit predictions.

But really, go Hutch.


Wayzata will win.


^Bold Prediction!!!

  1. Wayzata
  2. Rosemount
  3. Blaine
  4. Moundsview
  5. Stillwater
  6. Hopkins
  7. Owatonna
  8. Buffalo
  9. Champlin Park


Anyone there who can give live updates?

#8 These should do, seems like they are being updated fairly often


Krahn 4:14 over Hall


Hall did account for at least 52 points though with a second in the 800 as well.

1 Colvin, Eric 12 Stillwater Area 9:10.46 27
2 Olson, Connor Wayzata 9:14.38 26


Mitch Valli was o so close to 16’1" at the meet. Eli is insanely impressive for a 9th grader


Can’t be sure on this but I heard a rumor eli tore something yesterday. Once again not positive but I heard his teammates talking about it last night at the meet.


Did he only run the 1600? I doubt he tore anything, maybe a small pull or a dehydration cramp or something. Let’s wait and see.

Go Hutch today!


A 4:14 would be impressive for any high schooler in Minnesota.


That’s why ‘insanely’ was added.


The old freshman best was 4:16.95.


anyone have final results? The live results page doesn’t seem to be working anymore (or at least not for me)



Hutch into second… Now only if we could skip the next few events it would help their chances!


id say krahn , hall or docherty will win 1600 at state 3200 colvin, olson , duerr or obsa any predictions?