Trayvon Martin


Surprised I didn’t see anything on this. This is blowing up, the police chief has now stepped down.


This is crap. When a kid gets shot by police, he is up to something. Police officers don’t walk around looking to kill black kids for the laugh. Even though every time this happens that’s what the media wants you to believe.


the guy who shot him wasnt a police officer, he was head of a neighborhood watch. the police chief is stepping down because he’s caught flak for not taking any action


Okay whatever. I don’t know the story at all. The guy from neighborhood watch must have been in the klan and only has a gun so he can shoot every black kid in the neighborhood. He hates that they lowered his property value and is trying to do something about it. I’m sure Trayvon was helping an old lady cross the street when he got shot too.


surprisingly not as much has come down on the guy. he was a known whistle blower, i read somewhere that he’s called 911 something like 50 time in the last two months. most of the anger is that no charges have been filed against him


Should have known when I saw the thread title that FC would come in spewing racist bullshit.

I don’t care what Trayvon was doing. He was unarmed and shot to death.


So you’re saying Zimmerman is a racist murderer.


No, I’m saying he’s a murderer. Doesn’t matter what color the skin, Zimmerman chased down and shot an unarmed 17-year-old.


I’m not current on the bylaws… but I’m pretty sure they don’t let Hispanics into the klan. :rolleyes:


To be fair George Zimmerman sounds like the whitest name ever. When I first heard the name I pictured this:

So it is likely that Zimmerman was attacked. He probably panicked because no one responded to his (alleged) calls for help and took manners into his own hands. That is where he went wrong, but don’t say he chased down and shot the kid just because he looked shady.


They’ve become more accepting recently; a lot of the anger is directed towards immigrants (indians/middle eastern) in addition to their normal anti-black shennanigans


However, Geraldo has cleared the situation up


Just as I doubt it surprises anyone that you came in here with exactly this opinion.


Seems like thats almost exactly what happened.


1:30 you can hear Zimmerman get riled up because Martin is running away
1:52 “****ing coons” - zimmerman
1:55 “We don’t need you to follow him” - 911 operator

This witness’ 911 call is also interesting, cries for help ended by a gunshot.


Exactly. I don’t know the story at all but I know two things about phrisbee. He loves black people and he hates guns. So obviously he is taking the side he has. My prediction is that Zimmerman gets charged with a hate crime and gets the death penalty when in reality he rushed to judgement and made a bad decision. They’ll fix his mistake with the same mistake because that’s what the people want to see.


That still doesn’t explain why Zimmerman ended up with his injuries.

*I still think Zimmerman is a dumbass and deserves to go to jail, but it wasn’t a cold blooded murder.


From what I’ve read/seen about it Zimmerman seemed to provoke things then Martin attacked him/defended himself. Zimmerman was getting the **** kicked out of him, cried for help and eventually was able to get his gun out and shot Martin.

From the information that we know about the situation Zimmerman didn’t break a Florida law. He claims he acted in self defense, maybe he did, maybe he didn’t, who knows. The only reason this is such huge news is because of race, which both angers and disappoints me.


That is exactly what he did. He chased him down because he looked shady. Listen to the police phone call before you post incorrect information again.

What opinion? The post you quoted was 100% factual. Trayvon was unarmed. He was shot to death. Those are facts.

You’re right. I do love black people. And I love white people, and brown people, and yellow people, and red people, and green people, and blue people.

What does that have to do with anything?

And I do not at all hate guns. You will not find a post from me speaking out against all guns. I am for responsible gun ownership, which clearly was not present in this case.


What everyone fails to recognize is that MARTIN was acting in self-defense. A grown man ran at him in the dark and he acted to defend himself.

I don’t know Florida law specifically, but most states do not allow you to escalate a non-deadly attack to deadly force in the first place. The fact that the encounter was initiated by Zimmerman makes his self-defense claim even less likely to succeed.


Ah I was unaware that FC “spewing racist bull****” was 100% factual. Forgive me.