Trance Music


Trying something a little bit different/downtempo


What else did I have to do, right?

That being said, an hour later it still says the track is being “processed”, so who knows when this will actually be able to play.

Edit: Well, apparently soundcloud is not allowing mixes to be put up anymore due to copyright. I guess DJ’s have to own the copyright to all the songs they now put in a mix???

Sorry about that guys…


I’ve been digging this track lately






Just bought some krk rokit 6 g3’s :smiley: very excited to try them out



Double post for one of the best things I’ve heard in awhile


Nice, I have KRK VXT8s but have never really used them. Keep the tunes coming!


Yes. Do keep the tunes coming. And crank those new monitors up!


If you don’t want them I’ll gladly take them off your hands :wink:

I’ve got a couple things that I’m working on. New feel to it and a much better mixdown. Probably put it out sometime in the next month or so :smiley:


If we lived nearby I’d be more than happy to let you borrow them haha.






Lets keep this thread going =^)





Not trance


Sounds good to me!