Trance Music



I’ve made many more songs by now, but I’m saving them in case people actually start liking my music :rolleyes:


Awesome as usual.


As promised in the “rep” thread



I heard this song in a set about a month ago. It was massive! When I looked up the set, of course the track listed said “ID”:rolleyes: I had not heard the song since, and have been waiting for the day that I heard it again. Well, I did, and it has finally been released! I dropped the $$$$ that second.

Warning: do not listen to this on your frail little computer speakers. Good headphones, but better yet, a 1000 watt PA system with an 18" powered subwoofer, required for full experience.:stuck_out_tongue:



For some reason it just doesn’t do it for me more than a 6.5/10, might be the sound system though ;).


That’s got to be it! Because it’s certainly going to be in my upcoming annual New Years mix.




Close enough :wink:

Sounds cool though! I used to have a Korean orchestral instrumental I used to listen to a lot… I’l see if I can find it when I’m home.


Have a feeling xnr7 might like this:


I love Seamless, his tutorials rock, and he’s also just really funny.


Happy New Year from Padai. Two free downloads and they both are great! Down tempo, kind of chill, progressive house. Get them before it hits the max. “Rainbows” and “Stars” are the two tracks.

Also, I did not get to my New Year’s mix today, like I have done for 4 straight years, but I’ll do my best to get to it some time tomorrow or the next day.


I’ll release a 4-track EP sometime this week just for the hell of it. I’ve probably got upwards to 20 songs on my computer right now, but these 4 kind of fit together so they’ll be up soon :cool:


Sweet :smiley:


That’s great to hear! Looking forward to it.

I’ve gotten myself so busy, that I have not found the time to put together a mix yet. It sucks. It will happen, though. Maybe throw in a xrn7 track in there;)


I actually have a tentative version of perm-banned. It’s a much more elctro-house style track than previous stuff I’ve done, maybe I’ll send you a preview of it once I have a better mixdown on it :wink:





Another huge track by my good friend Raider :slight_smile:






It’s here!!!


I’m at work, but I’ll fire these up later when I get home!


You’re getting good xnr7.