Trance Music


Sorry guys. As usual, I can’t get it uploaded. It’s never been this slow uploading, and it’s been stopped a couple of times too.

check your pm’s Xnr7


EDIT: It took over three hours to upload, but…

Here it is:

There is two blown mixes, but it was a) done right after the U.S./Germany game, and b) I got interrupted twice, and the second time, I was lucky to get the mix in. I think you all will hear that one loud and clear. None the less, I’ve already listened to this 4 times through. I really like it. Other than the two botched mixes, this is probably my favorite to date. Then I hear the AVB interview before the EDC Vegas set, and he said this is his favorite genre of EDM right now. This has always been my favorite, going way back. I’m glad it’s making a comeback. Hope you all enjoy!


Always nice to hear your mixes! Tracklist?


Yeah, I did not want to screw with it once it loaded. I’ll try to get a tracklist on there. If not, I’ll post it here:D


Tracklist is up!

If there is a song you like, and aren’t sure which one it is, just put down the time of it in the set, and I’ll let you know.


My girlfriend took me to warped tour today. We swung by the beatport stage many times (which had all the electronic artists for the festival).

The point of me saying this is that I have never been a big fan of trap, but listening to trap live is a WHOLE 'nother genre.


Ahhhh… Brings me back to the 90’s.

Actually, the trap genre got much of its start here in Memphis. It’s odd that it’s considered EDM now, but it is.

I DJ’d a soccer tournament back in April, I had “turn down for what” requested at least a dozen times. All by kids 12 and under LOL!

I will admit, my 18" powered concert subwoofer does bring out a different aspect of trap. Listening to it with headphones or on a computer doesn’t come close.:wink:


My thoughts exactly


I’ve been on a Spinnin’ Spree lately, I’ve especially been digging the Candyland remix of Daddy’s Groove’s Stellar.







Hartseer is such a masterpiece in my opinion.







Two of my favorites currently:




You guys have already heard this song I’m pretty sure, but now it’s one youtube!


If you have a youtube channel please like and subscribe :wink:

I know, I’m shameless.


Liked and subscribed.


I don’t have a youtube channel, but I still like it:)


Hehe thanks guys, I’ll have new stuff coming out soon enough. It’s gonna be harder to keep this up at college with classes and running and such, but I’ll try my best!



Seriously, man, drop a 126-128 standard beat a little after the 2:00 mark and this song is HUGE!!! And I want it!!! I will seriously play it in my sets again and again.

If you want to take this to PM that’s cool. Regardless, WOW!!! Well done!

Edit: Then again, I’m not sure if Nowai visits here often anymore:o But if you do…


I’ll see what I can do. It was a collaboration with a friend of mine. I’ll probably edit/remix it.


Sweet! Then make it available to download/purchase. Makes no difference to me. I just want it:)


Rennie Foster and I are in talks to have him release some of my tracks under his label next March and that’s one of them… but I’ll send you the file when I’m done.