Trance Music


Ahhh thank you :smiley: it’s weird how music production works… I have so many ideas in my head that I just want to get out, and each time I make something, the end product is closer and closer to what I had in mind. I guess that as I work more and more with FL, it just becomes easier to do things, and I learn different things about different generators within the program, and more things about the nature of sound itself.

All really cool stuff. I think that in few more months I’ll make a youtube channel or something, but as of now I’m still not totally confident with the way my mixes sound. I’ve played musical instruments for almost a decade, but mixing and mastering is still a new art to me, so while my music theory is (probably) pretty solid, I still have a good amount of time before I really make something nice.


Take your time, experiment, and keep on working at it and I’m sure some sick tracks will result! I’ve had FL longer than you but I can definitely tell you’ve done a lot more work with it than I have haha.


I also have a friend who spends the vast majority of his time producing with FL, so that helps a whole lot :wink:

Also, if you don’t already how him, I’d recommend checking out Seamless dude has really, really good FL tutorials


It’s all about practice. I had no musical talent at all, and it showed when I first attempted it many…many years ago:o Of course, what is out there now is far superior, but also more complex. So just take your time. Most of the great producers have the same story. They either were musical prodigies and could play any instrument you put in front of them, or they worked many years crafting their skill/sound before putting a release out there. Either way, the end results are usually pretty sweet. Keep the tunes coming!


Protoculture’s new album “Music is More Than Mathematics” is real nice. It just came out today on iTunes. I’ve only listened to a handful of songs, but it’s goooood. The song “Music is More Than Mathematics” is awesome too. I’ve heard it on a couple of sets, and played it this past weekend in one of my own (I already had purchased it as a single). I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of this album.




That pretty much sums it up. There is a few weak tracks, but I think that is because of the awesomeness of most of the tracks. So glad I dropped the $7.49!




Much more electro than other stuff I’ve done, but also much better.


You have no idea how excited I get whenever you post a new soundcloud link haha, once again I really like it! Only thing that I’m not sure about is that choppy sound that starts around 1:42, it just seems a little off to me somehow.


Probably just over-compressed it.


Sounds like some old school Orbital. Good stuff! I agree with raptor on the farting noise at 1:42. It kind of doesn’t fit the song. Other than that, progress is being made. Keep it up!



Sweet jesus


Out driving today when suddenly


That’s funny!

Actually, if you had posted a picture of a cotton field, that would have been more accurate:D


You mean like this? :wink:


I’m still here! Wasn’t feeling incredibly inspired for awhile/didn’t like most of the stuff I was making/was preparing for states, but all of that has changed!

Enjoy :slight_smile: I kind of like this one, but as usual rip on it as much as possible to make my next song better haha


Might need more of a buildup but other than that pretty good! :smiley:


I hear you. I have not recorded a mix in forever. I was inspired to do so many times, but never had the time to get to it. That will all change next week, I hope!

As far as your new tune: Another solid track. You seem to like the high pitched synth sounds. Maybe try it with a lower pitch or sample a different sound for that, which seems more in line with dubstep. It’s put together well, though. Keep them coming!


Yeah the big problem I feel I’m having is too much mid-pitch that makes everything sound too washed-out, but at least it helps build by EQ-ing skills :rolleyes:


Hey, that’s what it’s all about. Keep at it. The song is nice. Tweak away!


Celebrating the U.S. Advancing to the knock out stage with a progressive house mix I’ve been meaning to get to for ages, now. Hope to have it up tonight or tomorrow. I’m on song #5 (song4Clara) and it’s going well.

Well… I got inturrupted twice. You can tell both times…:frowning:

Still good tunes, though. My kid got asked to fill in for a soccer game tonight, so I won’t upload it until tomorrow, probably.