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More shameless plugging because Raider is KILLING IT!






This is from a few years back. Reminds me of when I was listening to a ton of Derek Howell. I’m actually collecting some current progressive house tunes and plan on mixing those up. When?? I’m not sure, but soon I hope.

Meanwhile, one of the tunes that I’ll be putting on there. Loving this right now:



Well… Remember how I said my friend would help me get some software to make music, well it worked, and I’ve been messing around with it a bunch. Make some stuff that doesn’t really sound great, but finally produced something I feel okay about…

If you could give it a listen and send some feedback that’d be awesome :slight_smile:

Link is here


There you go! Nice start.

Do you plan on producing dubstep only, or are you going to mess around with other stuff too?


Oh no I’ll be working in every genre possible! The goal for me is more to get a greater understanding of the development of different genres before picking which one I like to produce the most/which one sounds best to me.

Working on an electro/house track right now :wink: we’ll see how long it takes to make. If you have any genre requests, I’d be glad to take a stab!




Usain Bolt with Diplo


Courtesy of AJ in the Captain Kirk thread.

I think this could be sampled into something great.

Hint Hint xrn7;)


I’m not sure if this quite fits in with what’s been posted here, but I rather enjoyed this


Nice job! A lot of your mix here feels like it would do well as a drum and bass track. DnB is an awesome genre with a very rich canon to draw from – I think you should give it a shot.


I’ll definitely try out a DnB track at some point!


Here’s a progressive house/trance (if music needs genres) style track.

Working on properly EQ-ing things.


I’m listening to this as I type. Work on this. Not being critical, but being for real. What you have going on the last 2 minutes, or so, is nice. I mean it. I’m leaning on the side of slowing the BPM’s. You start with what sounds like 138bpm and end up with around 128 bpm. It’s hard to tell because you have an old school break beat going there. Take the last part and go with 124-126 (house/progressive house) then go 128-132 (trance genres). Throw some heavier bass beats or rhythm. Pick which one you like best. Let us hear them too;) then compare it to the break beat version.

Bottom line, you are on to something here!

Edit: I just saw that there was a thumbs down icon in the title. I totally meant to hit the thumbs up icon. My bad. Change made.


1:17 to 1:50 seems a little bit too quiet compared to the rest of the track. Other than that, I really like it!


It’s actually all strait 140bpm. I’ll go about making changes in addition to working on other things!

Hey thanks! It’s actually supposed to volume swell from ~1:17-1:30, but I don’t like it now that you mention it. 1:30-1:50 probably just sounds quiet because the bass isn’t there.


Did another soccer tournament this past weekend. The organizers, one a former MLS guy, and an Irish team were digging this tune I played. It’s a remix and about a half year old, but hey…

Oh, I’ve been asked to do two more upcoming events. :slight_smile:



Double post:

I’m not sure if any of you all have SiriusXM, but if you do, tune into channel 52 and turn it up loud this weekend. IT’S ULTRA MUSIC FEST TIME BABY!!!


aaaaaand another one


I love it man.