Trance Music


That sucks!

I’ve been listening to it all weekend. Why did they cancel.


People took drugs and died



I heard a dude interrupt a set to tell the crowd to take care of themselves and each other or they would have to stop. Guess that didn’t happen.


lets run some trap up in hur. Not sure if it counts as trance but its doap. Anything hit boy or hucci is great. Floss kills it live.

To lazy to embed. second link is great flossy


Both dope tracks and floss does kill it


Yeah I heard about that, it was all over the trance forums. In a way I don’t think that they should have cancelled it, now the rest of the partygoers are going to have to suffer while waiting to get their money back because of two people overdosing on mdma.

Sick stuff, basically anything electronic goes here because a thread for each genre wouldn’t work.


I looked all over but I couldn’t find any of the actual races themselves :(, but hey you got a mention! :smiley:


“And a light show!”


Yeah, I bring the party. But for real, this type of race/atmosphere never existed when I ran. Bill does a great job. The Michael Brothers rocked it too! They were set up where everyone puts up their tents. It’s just an experience.














Just headin round youtube, and I found a sick track called “Por Que No” by united beats. Soooo sick


Has anyone listened to Avicii’s new album, True? Interesting combination of folk and EDM, but it actually works surprisingly well. I love it when you can mesh together such seemingly different genres like that.


I admire that Avicii is trying to expand his musical genre, but i’m just not a huge fan. Not sure why, just doesnt strike a chord with me


“Wake me up” has already gone mainstream. The cheesiest radio station in my city had it as their #2 song. So my guess is that Avicii is pulling a Daft Punk and Moby and tossing out a commercial tune here and there to go from being well known and respected, to well known, respected, and RICH. More power to him.

Seriously pondering TomorrowWorld in Atlanta. It’s a drive, but the closest I’ll get to any festival like that. Anyone else entertaining that idea?


Livin’ in NY lol


I guess I just enjoy both genres so it works for me.




Does anyone actually know why pendulum broke up? Maybe enough was enough




Not that most of the DJ’s could/would do much to him (though I could, but I’m not your standard DJ) I would love to see somebody just get after him. That would just be hilarious.