Trance Music


Uploading is taking forever…

Meanwhile, check out Group Therapy #036. Wow!


Here it is:

Rough first few mixes, but it got a lot of fun towards the end. I left a few songs off due to trying to keep it under 80 minutes so I could make CD’s for people here locally who always ask me for them.



Armin van buuren
Flux pavilion


Here are a bunch of songs from a playlist of mine (remember I’m an old fart, so most of it is from years back), so feel free to go on a nostalgia trip.











Man I used to really dig The Prodigy back in 8th and 9th grade… I should listen to them more, they had a great sound.



The Matt Darey Remix of 1998 is better;)

I have most of what you posted on vinyl LOL. Does that make me an old fart too?



Pretty aggressive track. Nice!








I know its trap, but does anyone else here love Flosstradamus?
I reckon they’ve got to be some of the best Djs from this year and last.


I love me some Total Recall. I’ll drop it from time to time.


Thats such a banger


It’s that time of the year again! Brooks Twilight Classic and DJ Jetstream pair up to bring XC runners with the only race under the lights with banging trance music motivating you throughout the race. I hope it gets foggy so I can break out the lasers!


That’s awesome that you get to be a part of that, especially for a running event. Never heard of an xc race run while the sun wasn’t shining, it sounds pretty cool!


Check out flotrack tomorrow night, or the next day, whenever they load it up. I know the guy that will be filming the races. My guess is that there will be a few Jetstream takes;)


Will do! :smiley:




That actually sounds so sick


It is. I actually had high school kids come up and thank me, this year. Usually it is only the college crowd that appreciates the tunes. Other than the mosquitos, the night went great. I have not checked flotrack yet, but you may hear me in the background of all the races.


The last day of ezoo gets cancelled, and many of my friends here in NY are very, very upset