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Graph of the progression of Trance releases on Beatport from 2005 to present


Nice fine!

People used to make fun of me for listening to this stuff, now there is dance music all over radio. People actually request songs now too! The movement is on like donkey kong!


Yeah, same here but there’s a big movement taking place now. If I’m right, the popularity of Trance should at least double in the next 6 years.


Let’s hope so.


Returning the favor for Raptors hard work searching for free soundcloud downloads:)

I have the original on vinyl. I wore it out back in the days. This remix is unreal!! It surely holds up (and true) to the original.

Fake edit: this song will be on my trance mix that WILL go down this week!


Thanks for the link man but I already found it last May haha :smiley: , top notch remix though! Lets see that set haha!


I just heard it the other day, and only found it on soundcloud. I was stoked that it was free.

I finally have some time on my hands over the next handful of days, and one of those days, it will go down.


New 138bpm label



If i get snubbed again, I swear…



If only they had done 101 :wink:


ahahahaha i love you guys!!! :smiley:


wow i never realized how repetitive some of the top music is nowadays, here are 16 songs from the beatport top 100 mashed into a 1 minute clip


who are your guys top 5 for the worlds top dj’s/producers this year?


In no particular order:

Armin Van Buuren
Dada Life
Swedish House Mafia

Shoutouts to Daft Punk and Infected Mushroom as well :wink:


In no particular order, mine were Eximinds, Chris Schweizer, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Heatbeat, and Ali Wilson. If I could change it, I would have put Armin van Buuren in my top spot just because I’d like to see him keep his #1 rank.


Sander van Doorn
Daft Punk
Rony Seikaly

Carnage will probably end up top 5. He’s released a ton of stuff this year.


I might have to throw myself in the top 5. BECAUSE I JUST DROPPED AND EPIC VOCAL TRANCE SET!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll load it up soon.