Trance Music


Yeah a big part of gigging nowadays is putting on a show, it’s not just about mixing good tracks.

Organic house? What is that, something like deep house or tech-house? You should post a few tracks!

EDM is taking over everywhere from the looks of it hey! I bet when you saw that DJ in Mexico you were like “pfffff I could do that in my sleep.” haha :smiley:


LOL!!! He actually sucked. No skills at all. None!

Organic house: Google “sugar free radio”. Loving his stuff, have been for awhile now.

#323 free download.

Edit: And it’s gone now


I got it;)

I’ll get back to the trance, but in the meantime, this is what I did today:


Yay, I’ve always wanted to see a collaboration between Armin van Buuren and Avril Lavigne :rolleyes: .


That’s got to be a joke.

Actually, PSY is a pretty funny guy. But still…


No joke man, brace yourself because some serious mainstreamization is coming. In fact during an interview, Armin was asked to give parenting advice to Kanye West lol.


Don’t really care for it but there will be a download option available after the dude eventually gets 4000 likes.

More free stuff:


Speaking of soundcloud… Only 4 people have listen to my house mix. One being a record producer. Hmmmmm… He liked it too. Anyway, looks like I need to trance it up a bit to please my tracktalk crowd. So I’ll look to do that in a few days. I have just the songs too.


Haha you’re already pleasing your tracktalk crowd man but there’s not too many of us unfortunately! :mad:


The trance set will be epic. Going with some vocal stuff.




Sorry, I got all kinds of busy over the past few days. I may have a window of opportunity tomorrow morning, but I’m not at my best in the morning;)

I will have to drop the organic house set, so listen to it while you all can.


Haha don’t worry about it man, just do things when they work for you!




The first one is a sweet remix.

I prefer the original “my love”, though.

Got roped into a doing a Relay For Life event all night, tomorrow. So I may just drop a set in the middle of the night, and record it.


Jumping on this band wagon a bit late, but here are some of my favorite trance bands:

Juno Reactor
Alice DeeJay
Infected Mushroom


Good Lord!

How old are you???:smiley:

I remember those days. I have not heard Juno Reactor mentioned in well over a decade:o

Good stuff.

Oh, and welcome to the Trance thread. Stay around. We need fans!

Prepare to get the ****** repped out of you;)



Best song to drive to. Especially when with friends.

All together a good list btw :smiley: