Trance Music


Anyways, another giveaway while it lasts… not Arnej’s greatest work but it’s something.

Some Tom Colontonio:


Found this one of Moby, wtf hey haha


Whoever made this video is my hero


EDIT: they’ve actually made a bunch


I guess you can sing along to music without lyrics!


I’ll post some Arty stuff later on.



I’ve really been digging the new Daft Punk stuff right now.








So I was hired to do this all weekend state soccer tournament. My iDJ2 DJ controller kept overheating and shutting down:o Needless to say it was evident that I needed to get a new one before all the summer gigs I have. I go to Guitar Center to check out what they have, and they were clearing out their last Pioneer DDJ-S1 for $499!!:eek: it’s normally $1599. I got it immediately. It sure has a lot of buttons. Once I figure out how to use this thing, I’ll record more. So far it’s 10 times easier than what I was using.


Holy **** that’s one hell of a deal! I’m currently trying to build a little studio and it’s definitely hard to find bargains like that.


After 20,000 plays it’s free


There was no download function for it, but it still sounds pretty sweet.

I’m doing a wedding tonight, and I spent all of yesterday trying to figure out my new controller. I have most of it figured out, except the record function:( Anyways, I have about 10 songs that they want played, and once again, have asked for at least an hour of just “my stuff”. If I can figure out how to record between now and then, i’ll try to do so.


Yeah it needs about 7000 more hits before a download function will be added apparently. Wow another wedding, what is that 3 already?!!? I’m not sure about the record function, Youtube seems to always be a big help for those kind of problems!


Yeah, I’ll be hitting that up soon if all else fails. I think I recorded something, but I don’t know where it stored it, or how to play it back. I’m used to using Garage Band, but this unit does not have an AUX out like most controllers do. That being said, the software says it records, so… I was going to get the Numark Universal Mixdeck Pro which would record directly to your iPhone. It was easy, however, the opportunity to get this unit that cheap was one I could not pass up.

And this is my last wedding for the foreseeable future. I have two pool parties I’m doing towards the end of the month. I need a break…


Oh the life of a touring DJ :wink: I’m jealous


If it were my job, I would not mind, but I have to squeeze it in between my real job, which makes for a packed week, sometimes. I do enjoy it, though. I even got a new follower on soundcoloud. He had heard me at the soccer tournament last weekend. I think I’m up to double digits on fans now!! LOL!!!


Another 5.







So I come back here and one of the first things I see is an Alesso remix…


No, No…


No, No, No, No, No, No…



Jk, I just can’t stand 99% of Alesso’s stuff… With that said I saw Mat Zo & Arty, very nice… Oh and I’m going to 1up you with this nice cross between Mat Zo and Porter Robinson (though not trance…):


EDIT: Just listening to this song again for the first time in a while, and all I have to say is all hail the King of Complextro, Porter Robinson. He created the genre, his influence is shown through a variety of genres (though widely in Dubstep), and he is absolutely untouched in it. I don’t foresee anyone dethroning him in my lifetime


I’m not a huge fan of Alesso but I liked his remix of ‘When I See You’ :D! Oh yeah “Easy” is great, bolton beat you to posting it though ;).



Yes I did.

His concert here in Memphis was pretty cool, but in all honesty, Kaskade and Deasmau5 were better shows IMO. I guess it really depends on what sound you like best. Right now I am heavily into organic house. I’ll get over it an dive back into trance, though.

In other news, I just got back from cancun. Nothing but EDM there. Live DJ at the pool too! So during the week, I’m going to figure out how to record and put some mixes up.