Training, over-training ?'s


So, in connection with thoughts on training and over-training etc. maybe some of you can give me some illumination here -
I’m Darin Lau’s coach. He had some middle school running experience. Has never trained over the summer before - we don’t have a track program yet (I’m working on that). He runs in community races maybe once or twice a month but that’s all the training he’s done outside of cross country season before.
We think that now is the time for him to start to train in the offseason - how much should he do? How much is too much? I know Kyle Reismann seems to have overtrained. Are there any tips etc that you have for him?
What I am recommending to my other runners (talented but not nearly Darin’s level) is like 30 miles a week over the summer. Should he do more? I talked to the coach from Manitowoc Luther and he had some good thoughts. I also talk to Coach Brone from CFC. I’m just wondering if anyone else has advice on this. I’m trying to do everything that I can possibly do to help him to be as good as he can be. I think that can be extremely good.


Sorry i’m not offering any answers to your questions but I believe Kyle Reismann had mono for the 2nd half of his season, this really affected him and cost him a good preformance at state. Although he toughed it out for the first mile in the lead pack!


Well Track is a long season, so I may give him a week or two off before base building begins. What are Darin’s Pr’s, I found online he ran a 2:19 800 as an 8th grader, so based on that I would start him off at 20-25 miles a week through the the second half of November and 1st half of December. Then 30-35 thru the remainder or December and January. If you think he is up to it, a couple 40 mile weeks would be good to. Also throw in a fartlek every two weeks or so starting in January, and maybe a few tempo runs in February. I hope this helps. Best of luck.


CCWIZ - Ah, that makes sense and puts my mind at ease as far as training for Darin. Too bad for Kyle. He works really hard and I was looking forward to him and Darin competing with each other - didn’t really happen this year but hopefully next year.
Zoom - thanks! I know he ran under 5 in the mile in middle school. His CC PR is 15:54 at Conference - 16:29 at State.
He is going to be playing basketball as well - should he still put that many miles on?


Some early signs of overtraining are increased resting heart rate and drastic changes in sleeping patterns. Make your athlete aware of some of the signs of overtraining, that way you can catch it early before it can lead to serious problems.

Every runner is different though, so you will have to figure out what works for him. Build slowly, his long-term career is more important than becoming extremely fast quickly. I would suggest not adding more than a 10 mpw max from one season to the next. So, if his highest during this XC season was 35, then I wouldn’t have him do more than 45 at all when getting ready for track.


Ok, nice - that’s one thing I was wondering about was how slowly the miles should build - thanks!


Kevin Ryan from St. Joe’s played basketball last winter after running 17:10 in cross. He barely ran at all in the winter outside of basketball and at indoor conference he ran a 4:45 mile and placed 3rd. He ended up running 4:38 and 10:20 outdoors. Depending on how much the basketball coach makes them run (I know Kevin’s made them run a lot) I think he should start at 15-20 miles a week after the suggested time off from Zoom. And after December he could start adding a few miles a week and max at 35 and during track season have him max at 45. If he says he is feeling like the training during basketball is to much, have him cut back for 2 or 3 weeks and see what happens. Hope this helps.