TrackTalk's New Engine


The Move:

Since June of 2010 had been housed in one of the many worldwide data centers of a Panama City, Panama based company called Although headquartered in Panama City the siteground company is staffed with a number of untrustworthy Russians and Eastern Europeans. After a five year struggle with various aspects of siteground web hosting I am proud to announce TrackTalk is back in the USA and riding Digital Ocean’s world class San Francisco 1 (SFO1).

Simply put, Digital Ocean has company ideals that closely match the needs of TrackTalk. On top of world class performance, the potential and freedom of where we’re at now is unequivocally better than where we were before. More importantly, I have personally met representatives of Digital Ocean and consider them to be people of trust. This is vastly different than our experience with siteground during the past 2-3 years.

The Engine:

To both technocrats and non-technocrats alike I want to give you all a warm welcome to the cutting edge. This is indeed a website aimed at the future and I say with great confidence that our TrackTalk application stack contains many of the latest and greatest open source projects in the game.

We successfully render on mobile devices. We take advantage of modern browser capabilities as well as touch functionality. We have thoroughly optimized the server side to maximize performance and have the benchmarks to prove it.

Once again welcome to the cutting edge.

The Future

When confronted with the reality that it was time to migrate elsewhere in this Digital World the decision to make a dash toward something bigger and better for TrackTalk had never been more opportune. We jumped at that opportunity and feel that we took total and complete advantage of it.

Our forum possesses power that other forums and websites in our running niche do not have. We are now enabled to take moonshot ideas and bring them into our everyday discussions.

Our engine has the ability to integrate and scale to the nationwide running community and beyond. Our front end technologies are a conglomerate of best practices and innovations seen throughout contemporary social media. Our initiative is to fuel a discussion that echoes a different style of patriotism for our sport.

We are going to do things a lot better here.

To the chief Legends out there, @ttalk will be there to help you get acquainted. For the regulars who’ve successfully made it over – thank you again for believing in this website. For the new comers, buckle in and enjoy the ride.

Let us move forward and continue the journey we embarked on a short 5 years ago. Thank you again to all users of I look forward to what’s ahead.


I made the promise to everyone when we got over here that the look and feel of our old home would eventually have a presence in the new. While I am not done – nor will I ever be – we’ve reached another milestone today.

I just wrote three hundred words or more of some well thought out dissenting opinions about people in this group but conceded to post it and simply deleted it. Instead I am going to say this:

Believe in TrackTalk and as a whole try to be a nicer, more understanding group of people.

I’ve given you guys a gift here and it’s not going away. Use it.

We have forums for every state and every track discipline (Training) queued up. The only thing people need to do is start the conversation.

Thank you.


people need to start posting --just reading the thoughts of others does not a community make nor does it promote fandomness*. Even if you just post I agree or hone in on one sliver of the conversation and react to it we open space for conversation and conversation leads to enlightenment.
Our sports needs a vocal fan base- more and more I see Athletics being mentioned in the overseas press yet fewer and fewer mentions of track and field in the USA press.
T&F now gets lumped in a grouping called other Olympic sports-as if they throw one track meet once every four years. Vocal fans means advertiser awareness and willingness to support T&F by sponsoring events (and advertising on T&F sites)
The best way we can say THANK YOU to zen is to stop looking and start posting

"fandomness— we must grow from being fans of our own jumping or running to fans of all areas of T&F and the way to do that is to talk about the sport.


I just want to share how the forum looks on a mobile device. It’s just nice and clean.

I hope this is how everyone can see it.